Ghayal Once Again

Ghayal Once Again  (2016)

Release date:   05-02-2016


Directed by:  Sunny Deol



Synopsis:  Ghayal Once Again is an Indian action drama film directed by Sunny Deol and produced by Dharmendra. It is the sequel to 1990 super-hit film Ghayal and will continue from where the first version left off. The film was initially scheduled to release on 13 November 2015 but it got delayed as the shooting could not meet its deadline due to VFX works that are going on in full swing. The makers are now eyeing on 15 January 2016 release. Sunny Deol hired Hollywood Action Co-ordinator Dan Bradley for designing action sequences.


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Ratings: Three Star

Sunny Deol is back on the big screen with the sequel to his 1990 hit flick Ghayal. Let’s see how this sequel holds up in this day and age.


Ghayal Once Again continues the tale of Ajay Mehra who is now a free man after serving 14 years in prison. He is now a troubled journalist who comes across a bunch of youngsters seeking to fight corruption. Somewhere along the line you have a cheesy villain thrown into the mix and the film turns into a typical good vs evil tale with Sunny Deol roaring and fighting his way to the very end.


By now you must have guessed that writer, director and actor Sunny Deol has no left stone unturned to ensure that Ghayal Once Again plays out like a typical action drama from the late 80s and this is probably the film’s biggest strength. Sunny does try to modernize the film too much even though the youngsters add a bit of freshness. In essence Ghayal Once Again retains the same essence making it a hit with die hard fans. However those looking for a more realistic experience may be put off by the inherent ‘filmy’ nature of this movie.


Sunny Deol himself is in top form even at the age of 56. He smashes his way through the movie with ease, reminding us why we love him so much with every kick and punch. The rest of the cast performs fairly well though in essence you know this is a Sunny Deol movie. The action is top notch and when he gets down to it, nobody looks as badass as our beloved Sunny paaji.


Overall, Ghayal Once Again may not be the kind of film you would expect to see in 2016. But Sunny Deol plays on his strengths and delivers a classic action experience. We shall go with three stars for this movie.

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