Great Grand Masti

Great Grand Masti  (2016)

Release date:   22-07-2016


Directed by:  Indra Kumar





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  • Great Grand Masti Media Meet
  • Great Grand Masti Media Meet
  • Great Grand Masti Media Meet
  • Great Grand Masti Media Meet
  • Great Grand Masti Media Meet

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Ratings: Two Star

If you really need to refer to a review of Great Grand Masti you probably haven’t been paying attention. On the one hand you have movies that need to be reviewed in order to understand whether it should be watched or not. On the other hand you have films like Great Grand Masti that shall be watched despite any number of stars this reviewer may (or may not) give. And yet for the sake of tradition, we shall plod on. Great Grand Masti sees the return of the three horniest husbands in the country and once again they find themselves seeking pleasure in the arms of women other than their wives. Meet, Amar and Prem played by Vivek, Riteish and Aftab decide to head to Amar’s native village which they believe will be filled with gorgeous busty women. Instead they encounter a bunch of old crones. Depressed and discouraged, the three idiots encounter a smoking hot girl named Ragini (Urvashi Rautela) who of course turns out to be a ghost. What’s more, she’s the kind of ghost who needs to sleep with a man in order to gain her freedom from the earthly bonds. So she goes on a crazy seduction spree while our three protagonists try their best not to soil their trousers. Director Indra Kumar delivers everything one could hope for if one was so inclined. This movie has every element of a sleazy comedy - sexual innuendoes, double entrendes, penis jokes etc. In fact the only thing missing from it is Tusshar Kapoor who seems to be a staple of such films. The humor is crass and over the top but again that is hardly surprising. Interestingly, the film isn’t quite as bad as say Mastizaade but some scenes are definitely cring worthy. The actors do a fare job of delivering stupid, overblown expressions. Vivek Oberoi is back on screen and we wonder why while Aftad Shivdasani has mastered the art of moronic expressions by now. Meanwhile, the visual dictionary has Riteish Deshmukh’s face next to the entry for ‘wasted talent’. Urvashi Rautela has one task in this film and she does it well. Great Grand Masti deserves two potatoes. Yeah, potatoes and not stars. This might sound kind of random but that is exactly how random this film is.

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