Haider  (2014)

Release date:   02-10-2014

Producer:  Siddharth Roy Kapur

Directed by:  Vishal Bharadwaj

Music:  Vishal Bharadwaj

Starring:   Shahid Kapoor ,Shraddha Kapoor ,Tabu ,Kay Kay Menon

Synopsis:  Haider is the third installment of Vishal Bhardwaj's Shakespeare trilogy after Maqbool (2003) and Omkara (2006). The film stars Shahid Kapoor in the titular role and Tabu essays the role of his mother who marries her brother-in-law Kay Kay Menon after his father disappears. The film also stars Shraddha Kapoor as the character Arshia, a journalist by profession and character Haider's love interest in the film.


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  • Bollywood Celebs At Special Screening Of Haider
  • Bollywood Celebs At Special Screening Of Haider
  • Bollywood Celebs At Special Screening Of Haider
  • Bollywood Celebs At Special Screening Of Haider
  • Bollywood Celebs At Special Screening Of Haider
  • Bollywood Celebs At Special Screening Of Haider
  • Bollywood Celebs At Special Screening Of Haider
  • Bollywood Celebs At Special Screening Of Haider

FOI Reviews

- PK (User Review)

Ratings: Four Star

Haider – Don’t look here & there – It’s Haider   Vishal Bhardwaj’ adaptation to the HAMLET is intense, engaging, performance oriented and breath-taking. One of the finest performances you would have seen from Shahid in the recent past or would see in future. He plays the character he would reminisce in the coming years down the line.   If you have the flair for this kind of real Cinema which Vishal brings in on the celluloid – this one should be on your Must List this weekend. With the actors such as Tabu, Irrfan Khan & Kay Kay the canvas just gets bigger with their finesse performances. Shraddha Kapoor fits in the skin of the role she is chosen for & does pretty well in it. Plus you have perfect fillers bringing the humor live in this dark drama – Two Salman’s making you laugh out loud.   So somewhere in this play you are taken a back in 1995 in the valleys of Kashmir; breathe-taking cinematography with the Intense background score setting up the right mood; unveiling characters and in 10 minutes you feel you have entered into the great era.  Harboring militants is not a good sign in the valley which is tensed with activists. Through one of the random checks Shahid’s father is picked & their house blown. Just before this they say “What would happen to Haider – if anything goes wrong” – Brilliantly you come out of the dark tunnel revealing the Movie Title On Screen Haider & at the offset you would see the innocent Shahid Kapoor coming live on screen. Soon he is caught at the security check for stating he is coming from Islamadabad; Shraddha Kapoor escorts him out & they reach to the Haider’s blown house. Here you are taken into Haider’s flashback showing his childhood. Up next Shahid heads to see his mother Tabu. To his surprise; where she would be mourning – she is sighted; reciting duet with Kay Kay – Khurram - Haider’s Uncle. Shahid confronts both of them; however; Vishal’s talent of keeping the curiosity on – is just fine to keep you engaged rather than you concluding anything. Shahid ahead stays focused with his goal of searching his missing father at various hidden camps in the valley with very little help. Just before you break for the interval; it’s a grandiose entry of yet another class actor – Irfan Khan with the perfect thump at the background with loud enough “Arey Aao Naa”. He plays roohdaar with perfect tehzeeb with lines so difficult that it’s difficult to recall & share some snippets here. These are the things which make a high repeat value – for those who have flair for this kind of craft.     Roohdhar is more of a messenger & he is the one who conveys Haider that he needs to seek revenge as aspired by his father. What happens next is the series of madness coming live on screen with Shahid’s changing patterns be it in his looks or his moods. Focused on what needs to be done next – the drama has a high adrenaline rush at times continuously in sync with the background score. The vulnerability Shahid Kapoor brings in- in his relationship with his mother Tabu – is something which stays with you for long. The helplessness expressed brilliantly. The creation of complexity done by Vishal is his characters is something which no other craftsmen could do. Kay Kay as Khurram stands out in his shade and plays his role at ease.   Bismil Bismil would probably remind you of the Karz Climax “Ek Hasina Thi” narrating the story. Yet Bismil has its own class of narration & amazingly choreographed bringing Shahid’s best abilities in vision. Choreography which doesn’t let you move – keeping you engaged throughout. Next somewhere you come across 3 Old men while digging graves sing aloud “Arey Aao Nao …ki jaan gayi” will make you laugh out loud and this is something you would say only Vishal Bharadwaj can do.   Cinema is Madness – Bringing the Madness live on Screen is a craft & Haider is Madness. Haider is Cinema. Go for it. It was rightly anticipated as Gold Verdict. PK Verdict: GOLD ****

Films of India

Ratings: Four Star

Vishal Bharadwaj’s Haider presents a dark and foreboding landscape of Kashmir during the worst phase of insurgency. Set against this backdrop is the tale of Haider, a haunted young man seeking vengeance for his father’s disappearance. Somehow in the midst of this confusion, Haider manages to convince himself that his mother Ghazala (Tabu) has plotted with his uncle Khurram (Kay Kay) to get rid of his father. Overall, Haider is yet another exciting Shakespearean adaptation from Vishal Bharadwaj and wonderfully conveys a sense of impending doom, mixed with Bhardwaj’s trademark absurdity and wit. Haider’s cold and ruthless world slowly unfolds before you almost preparing you for his inevitable descent into madness. While Haider also features a number of other fine actors like Kay Kay Menon, Tabu and Irrfan, this is clearly Shahid’s party. His scarred face and feral eyes speak volumes as he keeps us fiercely involved throughout the movie. Shraddha Kapoor looks pretty as the Kashmiri girl while Tabu and Kay Kay are brilliant as usual. The chemistry between Shahid and Shraddha is sweet, playful and manages to convey their strong sense of attraction. The cinematography by Pankaj Kumar is top-notch and kudos to Bharadwaj for presenting such an intense yet beautiful snow-clad paradise in a way you have never seen before. Every shot, every frame looks well thought out, making this a perfect amalgamation of fine film-making, brilliant performances, excellent music and evocative camera work. As far as the music goes, Bismil and Aao Na are the 2 songs that stand out. Sung by Sukhvinder Singh, Bismil is an intense, beautiful number with heavy Kashmiri overtones. It features a bearded Shahid dancing in full Kashmiri attire with paint smeared on his face. The song begins simply enough but going by the intensity and suppressed rage in Shahid’s eyes you know it is building up to something. Gulzar’s beautiful lyrics kick in and you realize that Shahid is in fact taunting the illegitimate relationship between his uncle and mother right to their faces. The title song- aao na- is a rock-ballad song by Vishal Dadlani charts the growth of Haider from a troubled young man to the intense, vengeful and scarred spectre he develops into. Once again Shahid shines through as does Bharadwaj’s brand of dark humour. The song is dark, intense and yet has an eerie topping of whimsy that screams of Vishal Bharadwaj’s cinematic genius. Trust a brilliant dancer like Shahid to convey rage and sarcasm through every single dance movement. We can guarantee you goosebumps by the time you are done watching this brilliant number from Haider. Haider is probably the most important film to release this year and nothing less than two viewings will suffice since the first will simply leave you awestruck. Catch this brilliant 4 and a half starrer film as soon as possible.

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