Hero   (2015)

Love / Romance

Release date:   11-09-2015

Producer:  Salman Khan, Subhash Ghai

Directed by:  Nikhil Advani


Starring:   Sooraj Pancholi ,Athiya Shetty

Synopsis:  Hero is an Indian romantic action film directed by Nikhil Advani and co-written by Umesh Bist, a remake of Subhash Ghai's directed 1983 film of the same name, which starred Jackie Shroff. The film marks the debut of Sooraj Pancholi, son of Aditya Pancholi, and for Athiya Shetty, the daughter of Sunil Shetty.


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  • Salman Khan At The Trailer Launch Of 'Hero'
  • Salman Khan At The Trailer Launch Of 'Hero'
  • Salman Khan At The Trailer Launch Of 'Hero'
  • Salman Khan At The Trailer Launch Of 'Hero'
  • Salman Khan At The Trailer Launch Of 'Hero'
  • Salman Khan At The Trailer Launch Of 'Hero'
  • Salman Khan At The Trailer Launch Of 'Hero'
  • Salman Khan At The Trailer Launch Of 'Hero'

FOI Reviews

- PK (user review)

Ratings: Two Star

HERO THE FILM – ZERO the BORING FILM!!! Nikhil Advani the captain of the ship; sinks the ship in spite of having the Great Showman Subhash Ghai as a producer on board whose Hero was indeed a HERO; Nikhil Advani couldn’t do justice to His HERO. Salman Khan Films banner is just the Midas touch which would help this HERO a decent opening but No star is as Hero as Salman Khan where content is secondary. HERO is one such great dish where they try to put all the masalas forgetting they need to make it delicious too. New Hero New Heroine Good Looking? Can they Dance? Can the Hero Fight and promise good action scenes? Ok if all this is Yes – lets not scratch our brains on new writing indeed pick up a classic and let people witness how classics could be ruined(remake) in this era. Zanjeer, Khoobsurat are some recent examples and now HERO would lead this remake-ruined genre. Salman Khan puts his heart in his project wish he had put some brains too. In spite of having a run away hit plot what fails HERO is its execution. Fine actors like Tigmanshu Dhulia, Aditya Pancholi and Sharad Kelkar are not made to shine forget the leads. All what they did is packaged it well. Pepped up number The Salman Khan Song which indeed is a great song – that too has a very bad timing in the movie. Hero without getting heroic sings “Main hoon Hero tera….” What disappoints you is the abrupt halt on the song rather than a fade out disappointing you more. Than you have series of short chhayageets till interval making you move out of your seat to go and pee forcing you to step out of the cinema hall. I had the right expectations, looking at the opening credits HERO at first look on screen looked promising and than it had a great fall with each passing minute. The Tigmanshu Dhulia - Aditya Pancholi scene also couldn’t give much needed rush to the blood to enjoy HERO. Sooraj Pancholi is promising and delivers. He has everything what indeed a HERO should have. Athiya Shetty is pretty but same industry can’t have 2 sonam kapoors. Like we couldn’t have 2 Hrithiks as well (Harman Baweja). The sizzling chemistry a love story should bring in HERO fails to bring in that chemistry. The subtleness newcomers should bring in the love story HERO doesn’t brings that. The emotional connect with the audience to feel the pain for their love; their need to be together which a love story should bring in doesn’t happens. The soul a music can bring in – it doesn’t create that aura. The Background score that plays a catalyst between its characters and audience; the background score doesn’t create that aura. Director fails to connect Sooraj and Radha with its audience. HERO a good headache. PK Verdict: TIN**

Films Of India

Ratings: Two Star

Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty’s much awaited debut flick Hero is finally here and Salman Khan couldn’t be happier. But does Salman’s magic work on this film too? Let’s find out. Similar to the original film starring Jackie Shroff, Hero tells the tale of a regular steals-from-the-rich-gives-to-the-poor kind of gunda named Sooraj (Pancholi). Our bodybuilding stud is like a son to Pasha, a big time mobster played by daddy Aditya Pancholi so naturally when Pasha asks him to kidnap an Inspector’s daughter, Sooraj willingly does so. The daughter of course turns out to be Athiya Shetty who takes a surprisingly long time to realize that she has actually been abducted. Then they fall in love and a bunch of Bollywood cliche plot elements kick in. The script is the biggest let down in Hero. It has absolutely nothing new to offer and in his attempt to retain the 80s vibe, director Nikhil Advani ends up making what appears to be a B Grade movie. Sooraj Pancholi looks amazing and can dance very well but he doesn’t have much more to do. The script is so heavy and convoluted that it never gives our lead actors a chance to make an impact. Athiya feels bland throughout the movie and remains something of a mystery even now. In his attempt to ensure his proteges do nothing wrong, Salman hasn’t given them much of a chance to get anything right. The music doesn’t have much of an impact and when Salman’s song finally does turn up it feels like an oasis in a desert of tiresome plotting. In a nutshell, Hero has all the elements of a regular blockbuster but offers nothing new. It doesn’t even deliver cliches very well but fans of movies like Heropanti may find something to love. Overall, Hero doesn’t spell doom for its two young stars but they will definitely need to follow it up with something really good. As for Nikhil Advani, we sincerely hope he does better in his upcoming movie Katti Batti. We shall go with two stars for Hero.

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