Ek Paheli Leela

Ek Paheli Leela  (2015)

Release date:   10-04-2015

Producer:  Bhushan Kumar, Ahmed Khan, Shaira Khan

Directed by:  Bobby Khan


Starring:   Sunny Leone ,Jay Bhanushali

Synopsis:  Ek Paheli Leela is a reincarnation story going back 300 years when Leone will be shown as a dusky looking village girl called Leela.


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  • ​Sunny Leone Promotes Ek Paheli Leela At Thane Mall
  • ​Sunny Leone Promotes Ek Paheli Leela At Thane Mall
  • ​Sunny Leone Promotes Ek Paheli Leela At Thane Mall
  • ​Sunny Leone Promotes Ek Paheli Leela At Thane Mall
  • ​Sunny Leone Promotes Ek Paheli Leela At Thane Mall
  • ​Sunny Leone Promotes Ek Paheli Leela At Thane Mall
  • ​Sunny Leone Promotes Ek Paheli Leela At Thane Mall
  • ​Sunny Leone Promotes Ek Paheli Leela At Thane Mall

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Ratings: Two Star

Ek Paheli Leela is a musical thriller film, written & directed by Bobby Khan starring Sunny Leone as Leela along with Jay Bhanushali, Rajneesh Duggal, Jas Arora, Mohit Ahlawat and Rahul Dev in main roles. The music has been composed by Amaal Mallik. The story is about Sunny Leone who is a supermodel in her present life, but has certain fear issues due to something which happened in her past life. Jay Bhanushali is a musican, who was Sunny's lover in his past life. Whether they reunite again and what happens after that, for that you have to see the movie. Sunny Leone was sizzling hot and sets the screen on fire like no other Bollywood babe can, however, her attempt at acting in the movie is like a person trying stay afloat while drowning. This, however, changes when she is shown in her past life avatar as Leela, where she comes into character and has better lines and it shows that she has put in effort to get them right. Jay Bhanushali, who plays one of the male leads opposite Sunny – what i really liked was Bhanushali's lovely house interiors- would love to have a house like that one day. Jas Arora as Prince Bikram is the best of the lot playing a narcissistic Rajput prince with excellent clothes to accompany his acting. It was nice to see Ahsan Qureshi after a long time on the big screen and he is quite entertaining. As far as Mohit Ahlawat is concerned, one thing which is confusing is why during his whole suhag raat scene is he dressed in kurta pyjama from beginning to end while sunny leone proceeds from her red lingerie to wearing nothing at all- must be some hidden secret we know nothing about. The 2nd half picks up however, and has the punch which the first half lacks. We shall go with 2 stars for this movie, whose main highlight are the songs crafted on Sunny.

- PK (user review)

Ratings: One Star

Ek Paheli Leela – For your eyes only!!! Recently came across Sunny Leones interview in leading newspaper stating people would need to forget 2 words of her life – unfortunately with Leela she goes 2 steps ahead along with the director Bobby Khan reminding people strongly of where she comes from. Well she has come a long way but this is where her roots lay – Ek Paheli Leela –for your eyes only until unless she is signed by Barjatyas. Ek Paheli Leela is a story which bollywood has gone through quite a few times on reincarnation – yet this one had a good twist however the movie fails to engage and till the time you reach that twist - you are experienced a cheap crap journey. The movie begins somewhere in Jaisalmer where they are hunting an age old idol which may earn them bucks – the same land is running under a dispute amongst 2 caricatured Rajput’s. Up next you have a band somewhere in Mumbai Meet bro’s Jay Bhanshali is part of the band that doesn’t seem to be leading this multi-side-starrer movie. Till now you are all good. At London Fashion show -you have Sunny’s bang on entry with the peppy number on stage – beautifully choreographed. The fashion show track is being composed by Jay that’s the connection. Next Jay is being haunted by some dreams bringing in the HORROR effect to the movie – silly one. Somewhere in London – The fashion show is hit and now they want to shoot the next assignment in India. Sunny cannot fly in the air as their parents died in the plane crash she was the only survivor along with one hostess Phew!!! Bollywood’s second major reason post parents dying in Car accident. Planes don’t fly – they crash – soon you will be hearing bollywood actors stating they lost their parents in MH370 and they are still searching. You have Big Boss Andy’s running you through weirdest gay jokes you would ever come across along with some Ramsay Kind of Character playing Maansingh. They all end up in a palace shooting; Sunny marries the palace owner who is as subtle as Bhagyashree of Maine Pyar Kiya - one of the Rajput brothers. Well back in the life of Jay; he is still haunted by dreams and is being taken to a Nadi Shastra Sage – who runs hum through his past life and wow Dolli Taaro – you are now taken 300 years back when you desperately wait for the interval moment and it doesn’t happen. Flashback story is Sunny is in love with Rajneesh Duggal and some Bhairav played by Rahul Dev is the artist who makes idols and is fascinated by Sunny to create her idol. Soon he falls prey for her and becomes the villain killing both of them. Phew!!! You are back in the current moment enjoying you popcorn pepsi at the much needed break. Now Jay is being told that destiny would take him to the place resolving this mystery. Eventually Jay reaches Jaisalmer; being recalled the past; is beaten up; ends up landing Sunny’s place; tries to jog her memory and what not. With too many songs and silly side jokes and caricatures you sail through to resolve the mystery which is mysterious without a boom factor. Ek Paheli Leela could have been a wow factor have it been Bobby Khan the director would have been focused with the story than Sunny Leone; if the editor would have been sharp on his skills to cut down the weirdest jokes by Andy & Maansingh. Ek Paheli could have been a better watch with a better casting. Unfortunately, this time Bollywood had a story but yet the director failed to narrate strongly. 50% of the music is inspired by earlier hit tracks, 50% of the story is being inspired by earlier bollywood movies, Director is also inspired by the comedy bollywood movies had in Ramsay kind of Horror movies or say even characters. Finally the verdict boils down to watch it for your eyes only along with great torture to enjoy the silver screen size over You Tube. PK Verdict: Super Tin*

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