Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho

Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho   (2015)

Release date:   26-06-2015

Producer:  Vinay Tiwari

Directed by:  Vinod Kapri

Music:  Palak Muchhal, Sushmit Sen

Starring:   Annu Kapoor ,Hrishita Bhatt ,Rahul Bagga ,Ravi Kissen ,Sanjay Mishra,Kamlesh Gill ,Bhupesh Pandya

Synopsis:  Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho is a political satire running along a perilous love-story based in Tanakpur, a village in Haryana. Haryana, where the village's Pradhans in general have insurmountable powers - the Pradhan of Tanakpur, Sualal Gandas (Anu Kapoor) is no different. Like his contemporaries, Sualal rules his village using powers vested upon him by Khap. Not just the traditional court but when time comes Sualal manages to manipulate and exploit the bigger powers of the state i.e. the Police and the Law of the land.

Incidentally, the cruel Sualal has a gentle, dreamy and much younger wife Maya (Hrishita Bhatt) and as luck would have it Maya falls in love with Arjun (Rahul Bagga), a man closer to her age and heart. The satire becomes poignant when Sualal and his powerful friends humiliate Arjun publicly by accusing him of raping Miss Tanakpur


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FOI Reviews

- PK (user review)

Ratings: Two Star

Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho – Miss Tankapur runs away and so do you. Here comes the political satire which more than the satire turns out to be a Saga. Whose Saga it turns out to be? -The Buffalo Miss Tanakpur or Arjun the central character who is just the topic and topics don’t speak rest all others do. It has some good noise makers like Sanjay Mishra, Annu Kapoor, Ravi Kishan and Om puri to top it all. Sanjay Mishra shines yet again in his character of a sage giving people mantras and tantras to produce and what not. Whenever he speaks or makes a gesture; he will bring a smile on your face successfully. Ravi Kishan is deprived of a great role, yet his screen presence as a one down to Pradhan is good to watch. Anu Kapoor is Pradhan the person behind all the menace Miss Tanakpur brings in. The less of satire and more of saga succeeds to make you laugh out of your seat on few scenes to an extent that you may end up puking hearing the shit jokes coming out in open. Miss Tanakpur begins with the calling of its title “Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho (4/5)”. Soon after you are taken into a flashback; where you encounter a unique fashion show driven by buffaloes and the owner of the winning buffalo is Anu Kapoor married to a low lying Bhatt -Hrishita Bhatt . Hrishita Bhatt is a deprived of a husband matching her age and hence is somehow hooked to the Mr. Tanakpur Rahul Bagga who proxies Anu kapoor in his bed-room most of the times. Anu Kapoor could smell another man in his wives life and is on a mission to find the guy out; approaches to sage Sanjay Mishra who gives him crazy tantras to get the problem resolve adding up some laughs on the plot. However, a little before the first half, Miss Tanakpur which was a laugh riot turns out to be a saga when Bagga is caught red handed by Anu kapoor massaging the back of his wife. It is here the movie goes heavy on your head – the Bagga is beaten up to the core and then he is accused of raping a Buffalo and you break for the interval. Second half is where you encounter Om Puri a corrupt police officer who is bribed to torture Bagga ahead. Baggas family is shattered; Sisters ongoing wedding called off, Dad commits suicide the trauma takes on you and something which claimed to be a satire is now a saga and you feel for the character rather topic who doesn’t speak. More than political, this is a personal revenge mission Anu Kapoor rides upon. The court scenes doesn’t make it interesting too but Baggas Bua does; the old lady who shined in Vicky Donor brings in some humor easily with her character - the only strength of the family. Well the court proceedings goes on and suddenly you also see Khap Panchayat poking their nose and declares Bagga to marry the raped Buffalo and Bagga agrees to marry to have the buffalo home and sell its milk for living. Oh Poor Bagga or Poor Buffalo. Buffalo even doesn’t want anyone to take her for granted runs away before the she is called for Pheras. Miss Tanakpur would have been a great watch with some great editing brains on. Though story keeps you engage but entertainment quotient is equally important as quoted by someone in the industry itself “Filmein sirf teen cheezo ke wajah se chalti hai entertainment, entertainment aur entertainment” and Tanakpur loses the track of entertainment in the second half making you feel dull. PK Verdict: Just Silver 2.5*

Films Of India

Ratings: Two Star

Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho is about an innocent man who is accused of raping a buffalo, yes, you heard that right. However, in India, anything is possible, and with the levels of exaggeration and absurdity media channels are reaching everyday, this story is very much possible in real life too. Kapri bases the film in the fictional Tanakpur village of Haryana, whose head is the village pradhan played by Annu Kapoor. However, he does not know that his young wife Maya played by Hrishita Bhatt is enjoying a rollicking affair with Arjun played by Rahul Bagga. Kapri uses rustic humour- which works sometimes, but comes across as extremely crude at other instances. There is a lot of shitting, spitting and even more shit being thrown at people in the movie. The movie starts off well, however, it tapers of as the movie progresses. The risque factor which fails in this movie are the jokes on rape, even though it is a buffalo we are talking about here, still one cannot expect people to enjoy jokes regarding rape, atleast not sensible people that is. Om Puri's performance ofcourse is good as ever, but the script does not do complete justice to his role. Hrishitaa Bhatt and Ravi Kishan seem to not put in an extra eort in the movie it seems. We shall go with 2.5 stars for this movie.

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