Phantom  (2015)


Release date:   28-08-2015

Producer:  Sajid Nadiadwala, Siddharth Roy Kapur

Directed by:  Kabir Khan

Music:  Pritam

Starring:   Saif Ali Khan ,Katrina Kaif

Synopsis:  Phantom is a 2015 Indian action film directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and Siddharth Roy Kapur starring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif in leading roles. The screenplay of the film has been written in coordination with author Hussain Zaidi's book Mumbai Avengers on the aftermath of 26/11 Mumbai attacks.


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  • Katrina And Saif Promote Phantom
  • Katrina And Saif Promote Phantom
  • Katrina And Saif Promote Phantom
  • Katrina And Saif Promote Phantom
  • Saif And Katrina Promote Phantom On Jhalak Dikhla Ja
  • Saif And Katrina Promote Phantom On Jhalak Dikhla Ja
  • Saif And Katrina Promote Phantom On Jhalak Dikhla Ja
  • Saif And Katrina Promote Phantom On Jhalak Dikhla Ja

FOI Reviews

- PK (user review)

Ratings: Two Star

PHANTOM – A film you wish was well made. Kabir Khan back again with the plot which does interests you but fails to engage you. Phantom misses the adrenaline rush such plot should bring in. It needed a sharp editing with some good background score. There are times in the movie where background score fails to score on the emotion hence it fails to connect. It does rides on Kabir Khans very own Ek Tha Tiger background as well. Saif Ali Khan does carries himself well but it is the story which is not so well weaved that it loosens you to chit chat, move around, play on your phone, sulk in your seat. Phantom is an idea of eliminating terror in a Tit for Tat way for which of course Indian Government would not give permissions. Very conveniently few side artists create a side plan for which Saif is chosen and at the ease Saif nails down Sajid Meed and David Coleman Headly single handedly is where you feel this is a film you wish was well made. Post terminating these two terrorists the next two terrorists are based out of Pakistan giving way to the second half. Saif Ali Khan is an Ex-Army soldier who bunked his bunker to save other soldiers; the idea went kaput and all the soldiers died. Saif was accused for getting out of bunker and attracting attack hence thrown out of Indian Army. A purely not required scene which could have been edited plus its done in such a manner that you feel least for the Army man. To reach Pakistan they strike a path through Syria where the war is on and that is what you have been seeing in trailer giving you giant expectations from Phantom. Unfortunately the action is just a guest appearance and than you have a dull execution throughout with no adrenaline rush. Somewhere in between the war you will witness the silliness of Pakistani agent trying hard to send a video over the internet a real funny scene. Soon the two reach Pakistan to terminate sabauddin umvi and Harriz sayeed and they drag a bit too long and the ideas aren’t so intelligent as they should have been in the fictional plot. Funniest parts of the movie are when Katrina Kaif states she use to visit Taj for Tea with Dad and now whenever she sees the news of Burning Taj she reminisces her childhood days. Than when they are trying to escape from the police barricades and she acts to be pregnant – Really? This is the kind of thriller we are watching – wherein a jail of Chicago –Saif goes to kill David Coleman Headly as if he is going to kill a cockroach. In spite of having a good plot where one could have had good villains Phantom is deprived of any such strong characters. Phantom could have been India’s Zero Dark Thirty but just turns out to be Zero Dark Dirty. PK VERDICT: TIN**

Films Of India

Ratings: Four Star

Post Bajrangi Bhaijaan, expectations from Kabir Khan were high with regards to Phantom. Starring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif, Phantom talks about the Mumbai 26/11 attacks and something which we all wish would have been true. After a brief intro about 26/11 and terrorism, we arrive in 2015. Justice is being talked about for the attacks, for which Daniyal Khan, played by Saif Ali Khan is hired to do the job. Khan was in the army before being thrown out of duty. He meets Katrina Kaif who plays the role of Nawaz Mistry, a former RAW agent who presently is working as a security advisor, and assists Saif in his mission. In order to complete the mission, they end up traveling to Syria and Pakistan. For what happens next you need to obviously see the movie. Kabir Khan succeeds in depicting the angst of the Indian people over what happened and what the probable solution to the entire problem could have been. The script has uniqueness and is fast paced, and the audience is not allowed to get bored. The film is an adaptation of S. Hussain Zaidi's recent novel (with Gabriel Khan), Mumbai Avengers. Saif Ali Khan gives a convincing performance as the ex army officer hell bent on revenge. Katrina Kaif looks amazing as usual. The action in Phantom is edge of the seat and captivating and the background music has been properly slotted throughout the movie for the different scenes. While shooting in Beirut, director Kabir Khan was aware that shooting in these strife-torn locations would be a sensitive matter.
There were about 400 locals dressed as rebel soldiers and a movement of about 25 trucks and jeeps for the action sequence based in Beirut. Each of the terrorists are killed in a different way by Saif, which turns out to be another strong point of the film. As usual Director Kabir Khan does full justice to research as far as the topics of the movie are concerned, something which you shall realize when you see the film. We shall finally go for 4 stars for this Kabir Khan film, and suggest you guys go and watch it too.  

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