Roy  (2015)


Release date:   13-02-2015

Producer:  Divya Kumar, Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar

Directed by:  Vikramjit Singh

Music:  Ankit Tiwari, Meet Bros Anjjan, Amaal Mallik

Starring:   Ranbir Kapoor ,Jacqueline Fernandez ,Arjun Rampal

Synopsis:  A love triangle revolving around the lives of a filmmaker, a thief and their mutual love interest.


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  • Jacqueline Fernandez Snapped Outside Airport
  • Jacqueline Fernandez Snapped Outside Airport
  • Jacqueline Fernandez Snapped Outside Airport
  • Jacqueline Fernandez Snapped Outside Airport
  • Jacqueline Fernandez Snapped Outside Airport
  • Jacqueline Fernandez Snapped Outside Airport
  • Jacqueline Fernandez Snapped Outside Airport
  • Jacqueline Fernandez Snapped Outside Airport

FOI Reviews

- PK (user review)

Ratings: One Star

ROY – 3 Dimensional Boring Movie. The movie gets the thunderous applaud by the audience towards the climax when they hear the actor who plays Director Arjun Rampal saying “Yeh film ban kaise gayi” perfectly relating with the mood of the audience. Audience claps on this line laughing out loud. Up next they are already gearing up for the success party of the movie ROY which they can celebrate only on screen coz in reality it would not get anywhere closer to the word success. The curiosity behind Roy and why it is a 3 Dimensional Boring Movie? Ranbir Kapoor in a dynamic role – Ranbir Kapoor in the cameo role – Ranbir Kapoor Ranbir Kapoor - they created this hype/curiosity to get audience to the theatre. All what Ranbir Kapoor plays is the extension of the director actor Arjun Rampal’s imagination actor of his dead brain. One of the Dimensions in the movie Roy is of the Director Vikramjit Singh. He knows his ROY is a shit right from beginning. Second is the actor playing director Arjun Rampal who thinks he is an ACE Director and can shoot randomly to make a film and the output is ROY. And the third is the actor playing an actor in Director Arjun Rampal’s movie Roy – Ranbir Kapoor in and as ROY. Complicated? – No if you go by the vision of the debut director Vikramjit Singh is sophisticated. Arjun Rampal is the successful director of the movie series GUNS whose part 1 & 2 are released and are success. They keep you under the layers of the shoot; CUT is the word which would help you distinguish at times if the scene is being shot or is it the movie you are watching. You keep toggling anyways throughout. Not sure how closer they get to the reality when they say everything is in place it is just the script which is not ready – Next they are already in Malaysia shooting and writing scripts hiring actors. So what happens – well the Director Actor Mr. Rampal playing Kabir Grewal in the movie is womaniser post his 22nd break-ups get serious with one of the lady directors out there in Malaysia shooting her film too. Two directors meet and with the help of third director vikramjit singh they are pushed for the non working chemistry – A love story – that’s his vision of ROY. Where is Ranbir Kapoor? Well he does has a role in length but not in content why because Vikaramjit singh couldn’t think much and hence Mr Rampal Ranbir’s director too couldn’t think much – Whenever Mr Rampal thought of the next move of the script Ranbir Kapoor moved. Ranbir’s lead in the movie Roy within Roy is Jacqueline Fernandes hence double role. One is the director; another actor - muse of the Mr Rampal hence becomes a casting couch. Fetish or love Mr Vikramjit Singh? Formulae, as it rightly begins in the movie Roy. Have everything in place – great locations, wonderful music, seductive actress, double role, great background score and A Superstar Ranbir Kapoor everything but The Script. What you get is the movie ROY and yes this idea shall never get succeed for other directors to follow this formulae. Hence just a star alone for its chartbusters and some good background score which keeps you mesmerized in the first half. It was a walk out sometime before the climax wondering “yeh movie ban kaise gayi”. Do not walk in to the theatres near you to experience ROY. PK Verdict: SUPER TIN*

Films of India

Ratings: One Star

Roy is a movie which just drags on without any plot or objective whatsoever. There are basically 4 things which are good about the movie- 1. the trailer, 2. the poster, 3. the song chittiya kalaiyan and 4. the cinematography. The first three of which, of course one can see on youtube. Kabir Grewal (Arjun Rampal), is a film maker, who bases his movies on an art thief Roy (Ranbir Kapoor) who he once saw during a bank heist as a kid. Roy was never caught, and so Kabir gives him a storyline. Ayesha (Jacqueline Fernandez), is another filmmaker, who gets romantically involved with Kabir, who is also a playboy and Jacqueline happens to be his 23rd girlfriend. How all these characters come together to make the film, is the story. Or what we hoped, would have added up to a story. "A story must end when it needs to. There’s no point stretching it," says Jacqueline's character in the movie, but it seems that director Vikramjit Singh himself forgets to follow his own advice, as the movie runs into an agonizingly long 156 minutes. As mentioned before, cinematographer Himman Dhamija has done a marvelous job, and the movie is full of tasteful shots. Jacqueline Fernandez has two roles in the movie, one as the filmmaker and the other as the actress Tia, who is part of Rampal's film. The Kick actress looks adequately pretty providing some much needed relief. Arjun Rampal plays Arjun Rampal as the silent, brooding director. Ranbir's character could have been used much better if heists were the centre point of the movie and not heart beats. For those of you looking for a thriller, you’ll simply have to wait for Varun Dhawan’s Badlapur to release later this month. Roy is not a thriller by any standards and ends up lost a limbo of confusion. We shall go with 1 star for this movie.

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