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Children Of War
Children Of War
(2014) Period
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Would you go to war for peace?


A boy, his sister and his father’s word.

A liberal patriotic journalist.

A beautiful disaster.


A war child’s search for acceptance…

His cry for justice…

And a nation inundated in blood!


The Bastard Child has three parallel stories, which bifurcate into smaller stories. In the end, the lives of the characters come together.


The first is in rural Bangladesh – it is the journey of a family through troubled times, guided by their father.


In the other, a journalist converts to a militant. His wife’s story, which makes up the centre of the film, is about the women of Bangladesh at that time, unfolding in captivity.


Then there are the children of war, the bastard child, who’s waiting to be accepted. “The film is really about them, they are the real heroes, and we try to say why they need acceptance.”


The movie begins in March 1971 and covers a period of 9 months showcasing the atrocities and the crude inhumane methods adopted by the military of West Pakistan. With the support of the Americans and the Chinese, the Pakistani soldiers go on a rampage killing and raping hundreds of thousands of men and women across the region.


The movie is an attempt to bring out the truth that has been hidden from the eyes of the world for far too long. It is an expression of the double standards of the people of the world who looked away and continue to do so today not wanting to shed light or stop and think about an event so gruesome that could put even the widely covered Holocaust to shame.


The film is a small tribute to all those victims of this unparalleled Barbarity.


“Has everything burned to ashes?” “Everything.”

Haider Bismil Song | Music: Vishal Bhardwaj | Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor
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