Vicky Donor

Vicky Donor  (2012)


Release date:   20-04-2012

Producer:  John Abraham

Directed by:  Shoojit Sircar


Starring:   Annu Kapoor ,Ayushmann Khurrana ,Yami Gautam

Synopsis:  In an environment where the job pressures are high and couples lead an erratic and unhealthy life style, Dr BALDEV CHADDHA, a well qualified fertility expert, runs a fertility clinic and a SPERM BANK in Dariyaganj, New Delhi, that guarantees a high quality and specialized sperm for the purpose. Unfortunately he has more failed cases to his credit than successes. A healthy, high performing donor is the need of the hour. VICKY ARORA, a young, good-looking, PUNJABI guy from Lajpat Nagar, is the only son and of no financial support to DOLLY, a widow, who runs a small beauty parlor from home.

As luck would have it, a small brawl in the colony brings DR CHADDHA and VICKY, face to face, where CHADDHA, concludes that Vicky could be THAT donor he has been looking for. From here on, CHADDHA'S days and nights are spent in convincing Vicky to become a donor till he finally gives in. Vicky finds his love interest in ASHIMA ROY, a pretty BENGALI girl, who works in a Bank. But soon there hunky dory world comes crashing down because of Vicky's past as a donor.With a brief emotional roller coaster ride, VICKY DONOR is a light-hearted take on the subject of sperm donation.


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  • Vicky Donor Special Screening Hosted By John
  • Vicky Donor Special Screening Hosted By John
  • Vicky Donor Special Screening Hosted By John
  • Vicky Donor Special Screening Hosted By John
  • Vicky Donor Special Screening Hosted By John
  • Vicky Donor Special Screening Hosted By John
  • Vicky Donor Special Screening Hosted By John

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Taran Adarsh -

Ratings: Three Star

A wise man once remarked, "If we can donate blood to save a life, why can't we donate sperms to grant a life?" Couples are ready to pay big bucks for the sperm of well placed males. The amount varies depending on the looks, personality, academic ability of the donor. Despite this, we're too shy to discuss issues relating to artificial means of fertilization. Couples suffer years of infertile living, but are in two minds when told to opt for the scientific and legal techniques of external fertilization. Despite a contemporary outlook, some of us still consider it taboo to address sex-related matters candidly, which explains why the concept of a sperm donor on celluloid is unthinkable. A film like VICKY DONOR shuns the conventional plot and narrates the story of a sperm donor, thus bringing the issue out in the open determinedly.

John Abraham turns producer with a forward-thinking, avant-garde movie that holds worldwide appeal. In fact, a lot of actors' foremost production centres around themselves, capitalizing on their star power, but John's initiative of opting for an offbeat theme and choosing a newcomer to enact the principal lead needs to be lauded. Above and beyond, the endeavor to transport the issue of artificial insemination out of the closet and presenting it in a light tone in the backdrop is an added move that merits acknowledgement. 

In an environment where the job pressures are high and couples lead an erratic and unhealthy lifestyle, Dr. Baldev Chaddha [Annu Kapoor], a well-qualified fertility expert, runs a fertility clinic and a sperm bank in Daryaganj, New Delhi. Unfortunately, he has more failed cases to his credit than successes. A healthy, high-performing donor is the need of the hour. 

Vicky Arora [Ayushymann Khurrana], a young, good looking Punjabi guy from Lajpat Nagar, is the only son and of no financial support to his mother Dolly [Dolly Ahluwalia], a widow, who runs a small beauty parlor from home. As luck would have it, a small brawl in the colony brings Dr. Chaddha and Vicky face to face, where Chaddha concludes that Vicky could be that donor he has been looking for. From here on, Dr. Chaddha's days and nights are spent in convincing Vicky to become a donor till he finally gives in. 

Vicky finds his love interest in Ashima Roy [Yami Gautam], a pretty Bengali girl, who works in a bank. But soon their hunky dory world comes crashing down because of Vicky's past as a donor. 

A youth-centric movie with a humorous theme, VICKY DONOR is fundamentally a romantic comedy between a Punjabi boy and a Bengali girl set against the backdrop of sperm donation. Nonetheless, director Shoojit Sircar takes a light-hearted, optimistic look at the issue, coming up with a film that entertains and enlightens the viewer vis-à-vis infertility and artificial insemination. VICKY DONOR may be a diminutive film in terms of budget and costing, but when you see the issue it tackles, it does not give the impression of being an undersized film. 

Director Shoojit Sircar takes giant strides as a raconteur, balancing the two halves adroitly. While the first hour tilts towards light moments, the drama, or the twist in the tale, comes up in the post-interval portions. I'd like to make a special mention of the screenplay [Juhi Chaturvedi]. Not once does it deviate to the tried and tested track. It's engaging content from commencement to conclusion and along with a set of impeccably cast actors, it's one joy ride you can't afford to miss. Having said that I'd like to add that the movie loses some steam [for a few minutes] in the post-interval portions, but, thankfully, VICKY DONOR doesn't get unbalanced. The movie accomplishes what it sets out to do -- it enlightens and entertains and that, in my opinion, is no puny achievement. 

The music of VICKY DONOR is better than expected. 'Rum Whiskey' [appears twice in the movie] is addictive, while 'Pani Da Rang' [both male and female rendition] adds a lot of weight to the soundtrack. The dialogue, penned by Juhi Chaturvedi, are in sync with the mood of the film. The North Indian dialogue-baazi, especially the conversation between Ayushmann's mother and grand-mom, stands out in the film. 

It's a performance-oriented role and Shoojit Sircar has, very aptly, chosen a deserving candidate for the assignment. Ayushmann is a complete natural, has all the trappings of a fine actor and delivers a super confident performance. I'd like to single out two sequences that make you appreciate that he's an artiste of caliber and aptitude. One, when he reaches Kolkata to fetch his wife and two, the finale, when he visits an orphanage. Annu Kapoor is an exceptional actor, no two opinions on that, and he's outstanding here. The gifted actor adjoins enormous humor to his character and his mode of selecting a sperm donor on the basis of personality, race, academic ability and other factors evoke immense mirth. Popular television actress Yami Gautam makes an imposing debut. She adds enormous value to the movie by her act, screen presence and striking looks. She's truly admirable towards the latter part of the film. 

Dolly Ahluwalia is exceptional and so is Kamlesh Gill, who enacts the part of Ayushmann's progressive grand-mom. In fact, the grand-mom is quite a scene-stealer! Jayanta Das, enacting the role of Yami's father, is proficient. John Abraham manages to pack a punch in a song. 

On the whole, VICKY DONOR is a small film with a big heart. The makers have had the courage to bring a diverse issue out in the open, narrating a daringly different story without getting preachy. Witty, funny and also emotional, VICKY DONOR is forward-thinking, progressive commercial cinema which vastly enlightens and hugely entertains

Films Of India

Ratings: Three Star

Vicky Donor is an atypical romantic Bollywood comedy between a Punjabi boy and a Bengali girl with a unique twist. Dr Baldev Chaddha (Annu Kapoor), a well qualified fertility expert, runs a fertility clinic and sperm bank in Dariyaganj, New Delhi, that guarantees to give parents children like Dhoni, Brad Pitt & Lady Gaga with high quality & specialized sperm. Unfortunately for him, he has more failed cases to his credit than successes. What he needs is a healthy, high performing donor and this is where Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurrana) our Punjabi munda cum hero walks in. Hailing from Lajpat Nagar, he is a good for nothing fellow, whose only goal in life is to play cricket, have fun & get a job on his terms. He is also the only son of Dolly, a widow, who runs a small beauty parlour. As luck would have it, a small brawl brings Dr Chaddha and Vicky face to face, where Chaddha concludes that Vicky could be THAT donor, the Arya puttra or Alexander of sperms, he has been looking for. From here on, Chaddha’s days and nights are spent in convincing Vicky to become a donor till he finally gives in. While doing his job as a sperm donor, Vicky finds his love interest in Ashima Roy (Yami Gautam), a pretty Bengali girl, who works in a bank. But soon their perfect little world comes crashing down because of Vicky's past as a donor. There are many sequences I would like to share with you, but then I would end up giving you a scene by scene narration. Suffice it to say that though VD, the 1st half especially, is a light hearted take on sperm donation with its moments of hilarity, it is not an out and out comedy, and the second half has its fair share of drama. It’s not picture perfect & does have a few moments that alternately seem a bit dull or too loud. John Abraham has definitely taken a risk by making his debut as a producer with such a controversial topic and the risk seems to have paid off superbly. We doff our hat at him. Director Soojit Sirkar has handled the subject sensitively & intelligently, not being preachy or making light of it but at the same time bringing it to the layman’s level where they will shed inhibitions about sperm donation. Ayushmann has all the trappings of a fine actor. He excels as a man of many talents. Not only has this young man acted in the movie but he has also sung and co-composed “Paani da rang…” He is another actor to watch out for in the coming days. Yami Gautam is pretty and impressive as she essays her role with ease. Annu Kapoor is a master of his craft and we see it once again. He fits the bill perfectly, bringing the character of Dr Chaddha to life. Kamlesh Gill, as the grandma, is brilliant and no one could have played the role like she did. Dolly Ahluwalia is outstanding as is the rest of the cast as each one brings their own flavour to Vicky Donor. The music is worthy of applause as after a long time one gets to gets to hear and see songs that blend well with the story. The song “Rum Whiskey” is not only catchy, but also a highlight that will surely be a rage among the youth especially in the north. “Paani da rang” is beautifully poignant with heartfelt lyrics. Juhi Chaturvedi’s script is flawless. Editing could have been smoother while the cinematography is competent. VD is a lovable, coming of age movie. You should definitely catch this rom-com drama this weekend.

Gaurav Malani -

Ratings: Three Star

Director: Shoojit Sircar Cast: Ayushmann Khurana, Yaami Gautam, Annu Kapoor Amongst the major accomplishments of this film is the fact that despite being a film revolving around the theme of the sperm donation, Vicky Donor is a 'family entertainer'. 'Entertainer' because neither is it designed as a crude sex-comedy nor does it comes across as a public service message on sperm donation. A 'feel-good family film' because there is no visual or verbal vulgarity despite the forthright and forbidden theme.
Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurana) is an aimless and jobless Delhi boy. He is persuaded by Dr Baldev Chaddha (Annu Kapoor), an infertility clinic owner to become a sperm donor that could help childless couples. After much resistance, he finally agrees to the act to earn some easy money. Soon he makes a fortune out of his potent attribute. He also marries the love of his life Ashima (Yaami Gautam) but things take a drastic turn when she comes to know about his covert contributions to the sperm bank. Vicky Donor comes with a fresh story. Call it a love story on the backdrop of sperm donation or a film about sperm donation with a love story within - the writing by Juhi Chaturvedi seamlessly integrates the two elements to come up with a wholesome entertainer. Further director Shoojit Sircar flawlessly catches the pulse of Delhi and the drama in the narrative. While the film lightly touches on the theme of the shortage of sperm donors and the social stigma attached to the act (unlike blood or organ donations), it intentionally refrains from being an issue-based cinema. Vicky's initial opposition to the idea aptly brings out the average apprehensions and his consequent consent reveals the monetary motives behind the act. The love story between the lead pair that starts off on a flirtatious note but soon translates into an amiable affair, brings a sublime smile on your face throughout. The romance is refreshing and the chemistry between the couple is hot-n-happening. Soon the love affair of the cross-cultural couple gets into the 'Two States' zone. The film takes an unapologetic look at the culture characteristics (or call it cliches) of the Punjabi boy and Bengali girl and the divergent divide expressed in the sequence of scenes that lead to their matrimony is absolutely uproarious. But beyond having a splendid sense of humour, the film also has a very poignant side to it. The fact that Vicky's fervent fertility isn't of any productive use to himself is where the film defines a strong contrasting conflict in the narrative. Since the couple's camaraderie was so sizzling, you feel the pinch as they part ways. Further Sircar successfully defines and distinguishes emotions, elucidating how the point of marital discord between the couple is not merely mistrust but insecurity. The climax comes across as convenient though isn't unconvincing. The pacing is fast and the multiple-montage crisp editing never lets you lose the narrative. The dialogues vary from the quirky to the well-worded conversations and contribute immensely to the humour quotient. The music is peppy and goes smoothly with the flow of the film. Vicky Donor is what it is primarily for the livewire energy of Vicky played by Ayushmann Khurana. The actor is so natural that it never seems he's acting but rather gliding through the role. He is a pro at both the comedy and emotional scenes. Given the right roles, Ayushmann has the potential to be the next big thing in Bollywood. Yaami Gautam is absolutely ravishing and captivates with her unending charm. The beauty also reflects in her performance. The supporting cast is blessed with quirky yet relatable characterizations. Annu Kapoor as the desperate doctor is brilliant and incites most laughs. Dolly Ahluwalia as the hyperactive Punjabi mother is superlative and such a pleasant change from the regular prototypes. Kamlesh Gill as the modern grandma who shares a drink with her daughter-in-law and aspires for iphones and LED TVs is another fabulous characterization and a fantabulous actor. Jayanta Das as the girl's Bengali father is as much amusing.

Sukanya Verma - Rediff

Ratings: Three Star

Often, sex and everything it entails is a matter of prudence, provocation or parody. On a few occasions, however, it's treated as a perfectly healthy science with its share of hiccups and humour. Like Shoojit Sircar's latest film,Vicky Donor.

As its cheeky title suggests, the part rom, part com dwells on how there's no need to get all queasy over a little round thing with a tail just because it's outsourced without really dwelling too much on the sensitive nature of infertility. 

Whether it's to make a contribution to mankind with one's reproductive cells or marrying outside one's community, the running theme of Vicky Donor is acceptance, embracing things without making too much fuss, because that's what real people do. And because this is conveyed without the aid of an insistent monologue, cheap humour or calculated soppiness, it makes John Abraham's   maiden production quite a pleasant viewing. 

Though never above imperfections, Vicky Donor draws the viewer in its 122 minutes lifetime, acquainting us to its good-naturedly quirky but genuine protagonists, played out by a pitch-perfect cast against Juhi Chaturvedi's delightful writing, to establish the true strength of the script's conviction and flow.
Sircar and Chaturvedi don't talk technical and so there's never a detailed account on the nitty-gritty of artificial insemination. Instead, you have Dr Chaddha (a uproarious Annu Kapoor until an emotional scene) assuring eager couples how the fertilization between a sperm and an egg is a matter of chance and needs to be given multiple shots. The man runs a fertility clinic and sperm bank in a dusty corner of Delhi's  crammed neighbourhood, Dariyaganj.  One day he chances upon Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurana) caught in a dispute and for some feeble reason resolves he's the best candidate to resurrect the latter's slumping clinic. Vicky turns out to be the proverbial brawny Delhi lad with that high-speed twang, three-day old stubble, boorish manners and disarming-in-a-sort-of- Ranveer Singh-meets-Ranvir Shorey-way mouthing funny retorts like, 'Sintex ki tanki lagake store karoon?' and 'I am into handicrafts.' There might come a time when this 'strain' of hero arrives to its saturation point but it's not with this film. Debutant Ayushmann's candid disposition and roguish face ensures his street smart drollery works like a breeze. His interactions with his loud but loving family are recognizably Punjabi without grating a single nerve. The camaraderie between Vicky's single mom Dolly (Dolly Ahluwalia) juggling between a kitschy beauty parlour and attending to Beeji (Kamlesh Gill), her gadget-savvy mother-in-law (she's disappointed on discovering her new iPhone is only 16GB as opposed to the superior 32GB) ranks among the film's highlights. Especially when drowning their day-to-day dissatisfaction over a few rounds of whisky. During one such sessions, Beeji remarks how she grudges insufficient dowry from Dolly's side, 'Bahu di attaché ki show hi alag hai. Jab tere Vicky ki bahu khaali attaché lekar aayegi tab tujhe pata chalega.' These ladies are so good; they deserve a standalone film of their own. The flippancy of their conditioning, double standards or mindset is so amusing; it never ever becomes a point of judgement, which is part of Vicky Donor's overall appeal as well. Gradually the chief theme of Vicky Donor and its loony awkwardness relegates itself to a sub-plot in order to concentrate on the romance between Vicky and a Bengali banker, Ashima Roy (Yami Gautam, a mesmerising beauty with an intense screen presence and dialogue delivery). Some breezy interactions later, they decide to make it official. Again, it's Sircar deft handling that pitches the 'Punju versus Bong' cultural stereotypes against each other to generate some fine laugh-out-loud moments. Once again, a good word for the cast, Jayanta Das as the father, fiercely protective of his Bangla roots, lends his part amazing refinement and restraint. 

Vicky Donor loses some of its sperm, er steam, in the second half when the sentimental, ethical reasoning creeps in, it feels a bit avoidable and protracted. Except by then you have begun to care too much for these characters and its unassuming vibe to create a ruckus.

Komal Nahta - KOIMOI

Ratings: Three Star

 Vicky Donor is about a young, jobless man who becomes a regular sperm donor at the insistence of an infertility doctor. He makes a lot of money but decides to stop donating sperm when he falls in love and marries a girl. What happens when his wife finds out that he was a sperm donor? Find out in the full review. Rating: (3/5) Three stars Star cast: Ayushmaan Khurrana, Annu Kapoor, Yami Gautam, Dolly Ahluwalia, Kamlesh Gill. What’s Good: The novelty and sensitive treatment of the subject; the comedy; the performances. What’s Bad: The second half, which plays out like an ordinary love drama; the lack of tear jerking moments. VerdictVicky Donor is an entertaining fare. Loo break: A couple, especially in the climax. Watch or Not?:Watch it to have a good laugh but beware that the film has parts that won’t go down well if you are a conservative person.   JA Entertainment, Rampage Motion Pictures, Rising Suns Films and Eros’ Vicky Donor is about a young man who turns sperm donor to make some money. When Dr. Baldev Chaddha (Annu Kapoor), an infertility expert in Delhi, spots Vicky Arora (Ayushmaan Khurrana), he gets a gut feeling that he has found his ideal sperm donor. Chaddha is plagued by demanding couples who want sperms of a certain ‘successful’ type of person. So when after much persuasion Vicky agrees to donate sperm for testing, Chaddha is delighted to find out that Vicky’s sperm is very much fertile, just as he had predicted. Vicky, on the other hand agrees to keep donating sperm for money, even though he is scared of his widowed mother, Dolly (Dolly Ahluwalia), and the society finding out about his clandestine occupation. However, the loads of money he makes by being a prolific sperm donor gives him the opportunity to not find a job, shop as much as he wants, party endlessly and buy gifts for his mother and grandmother (Kamlesh Gill). He is happy. All is well till Vicky falls in love with Ashima Roy (Yami Gautam), a bank employee. He woos Ashima and soon they both fall in love with each other. In spite of Ashima being a divorcee, and both their parents being against the inter-community marriage, they finally get married and live happily. Even their families come closer. However, when Ashima finds out that she will never be able to conceive a child, she is devastated. She also discovers that Vicky was a sperm donor and leaves him to go to her father’s place in Kolkata as he had not told her the truth before their marriage. There is more trouble in store for Vicky as he is arrested for having taken black money (as fees from Dr. Chaddha). His mother and grandmother also find out about his sperm donation and are ashamed of it. What happens next? Does Vicky get out of his troubles? Does Dr. Chaddha help him? Does Ashima forgive Vicky? Are they able to have a normal family life? The rest of the film answers these questions.

Vicky Donor Review: Script Analysis

Juhi Chaturvedi’s story is novel and interesting. Her screenplay is very entertaining in the first half and makes for a fun watch. The eccentricities of the unusual Delhi migrant family, the Aroras, make for good entertainment. The scenes where Vicky bumbles around in life, where Dr. Chaddha chases him incessantly, where his mother and grandmother sit down for their end-of-day drinks, are all very funny. Vicky’s wooing of Ashima is cute, as are the scenes where the two families interact before and during the marriage. What does not work, to a certain extent, is the latter part of the second half, which starts to play out like a regular love drama. Ashima’s estrangement, Vicky’s despair and the ‘happy ending’ climax are just not predictable but also boring to a certain extent. The crucial scene in which Ashima questions Vicky as to why he has not undergone tests to clear the fact that is he not infertile, stands out like a sore thumb. The drama lacks scenes that might bring tears to the viewer’s eyes. Besides, Vicky’s character endears himself to the audience but they do not necessarily root for him. The orthodox among the audiences will also enjoy the film to an extent, but they might not like the basic plot, which deals with a social taboo.

Vicky Donor Review: Star Performances

Ayushmaan Khurrana makes a confident debut. He is easy on the eyes, endearing and extremely natural. His comic timing and accent are perfect for the role. Annu Kapoor, as Dr. Baldev Chaddha, impresses. His constant nagging at Vicky irritates not just Vicky but the audience too! Yami Gautam is a looker and she performs ably as Ashima Roy. She does alright in the emotional scenes. Dolly Ahluwalia (as Dolly) is a delight to watch. Her interactions with Kamlesh Gill (Vicky’s grandmother) are one of the highlights of the film. Others offer good support.

Vicky Donor Review: Direction & Technical Aspects

Director Shoojit Sircar makes a narrative which is fresh and entertaining. He must be praised for his sensitive and sensible handling of the subject of sperm donation. However, if he could have made the latter half of the drama less predictable and more impactful, the film might have turned out much better. Abhishek-Akshay’s music is memorable. The lyrics are fine. Bishwadeep Chatterjee’s background score is delightful. Kamaljeet Negi’s cinematography is fine. Editing, by Shekhar Prajapatim, is alright.

Vicky Donor Review: The Last Word

On the whole, Vicky Donor is an entertaining fare. Go for it!    

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