Salman wishes SRK good luck for his film!
Salman wishes SRK good luck for his film!

He's at the top of his game, and been there, done that, for almost everything that a Bollywood Superstar can hope for. Salman Khan's been at the peak of success and stardom for years now.

With Ek Tha Tiger lined up for an Eid release (yes, the Eid 'slot' is pretty officially the Sallu domain!) Salman also marks a year since he was getting ready for the release of 'Bodyguard'.

Body guard broke records as it walked into the 100-Cr zone. So is the actor looking to break any more records with Ek Tha Tiger? “Records I don't know of, but I hope the film does well. There is a lot of pressure,” says Salman. Considering his unwavering fan-base, what pressure could he possibly face? Competition, we wonder?

“Not just that, I welcome competition. The more the better,” says the actor. You gotta admit, he's always beaten them all! “But the pressure is because my stardom affects 'Being Human', and I want to keep it up to be able to support it. Today success is valuable to be as it ensures that I can help that many more people through my NGO,” elaborates the actor.

But does he take competition seriously, like his colleagues do? “Well there's a very strong and healthy competition and it's only increasing. I want everyone's film to do well- Aamir's (Khan), Ajay's (Devgn), Akshay's (Kumar), Shah Rukh's (Khan).”

SRK? Does that mean the two are on okay terms now? The actor refuses to comment directly on their relationship and goes on to talk of fair competition. “I do want his films to do well, purely professionally,” he clarifies, “It's not just him. There are hundreds of people involved in a film and it's good when everyone makes money. So I do wish Shah Rukh all the best.”

Looks like Salman wants to keep clean of all controversy involving him and long-time rival SRK.