Mahie does a Mona Darling!
Mahie does a Mona Darling!

Bollywood's favourite gangster arm-candy/vamp got revamped!

Mahie Gill plays the legendary Mona Darling to Prakash Raj in the new-age Zanjeer, which will be directed by Apoorva Lakhia. The catch in this version of Mona Darling, originally played by Bindu, is that she is seriously lusting for Prakash Raj's character, and trying to bed him all the time, only to fail.

The actress confirms, “That's right. I play a very horny Mona Darling. I'm constantly lusting after Prakash Raj. But every time we are close to doing 'it' something or the other happens to spoil it. So eventually I am a very lustful but frustrated Mona. The director Apoorva Lakhia has re-written the Mona-Teja scenes beautifully. With due respects to Binduji and Ajitji we couldn't play the roles the way they did 40 years ago. Zamana badal gaya. What was seen as sexy and seductive back then is no longer so. Apu has made our characters constantly on the edge of sex and never quite getting there. It's actually far more interesting than just tumbling into bed.”

It's not just the character and the story that's new- the wardrobe of Mahie, apparently will be different from that of her other films as well. It will be designed by Pria Kataria Puri.

The actress cannot contain her excitement as she tells us, “So far I've never been dressed up to be glamorous. Apu Lakhia had a special glamorous look in mind for me. He didn't want it to be a filmy glamour. He wanted me to look very different from the usual vamps and seductresses. Believe me when I got into Pria's clothes I felt different.”

The actress, known to do off-track roles, like Paro in Dev D, has not been seen in glamorous roles, and this will be the first times that fans will get a chance to see her do so.

She has shot simultaneously in Hindi and Telugu for the film. We hope her efforts for the film pay off!