Vidya changes her avatar in 'Ghanchakkar'!
Vidya changes her avatar in

Paa. The Dirty Picture. Kahaani.

Three movies that modified Vidya Balan's image in Bollywood to a versatile and mature actress. Her performance in all three have earned her accolades and have put her right on top with the leading actresses.

However, like every other time, she's in the news again for her wardrobe. The Sabyasachi designed sarees have overstayed their welcome on this voluptuous lass, and we're glad to tell you that she's donning a new look in her next film with harem pants and a trendy shirt. 'Ghanchakkar' is a Rajkumar Gupta in which she'll be playing the vibrant housewife of her The Dirty Picture co-star, Emraan Hashmi. Her look there is very different from her traditional do. But given the weight that she doesn't seem to have lost and her penchant for dressing disasters, one can only hope that the new wardrobe doesn't turn into a malfunction.

It is also during the making of Ghanchakkar that a fact about her has been revealed. Vidya is scared of cats. The fact became evident when all her usual effervescence disappeared when a cat appeared on the set. Vidya confessed that this fear may not be unusual. “Cats are indeed scary. I am sure you know of many people who are petrified of cats,” she said, proceeding with a request to shut the door of her vanity van.

With so many new colours of our favourite actress in one movie, we can't help but look forward to it.