Lootera - Teaser Trailer Review
Lootera - Teaser Trailer Review

There's much to love about Motwane's sophomore attempt at filmmaking which we get to see through the teaser trailer of his upcoming film, Lootera. But being just a teaser, there’s only so much we can glean about the story from 1 minute 45 seconds of footage.

What we do get is the look and feel of Lootera - a brooding love story, peppered with some tragedy. Motwane’s minimalist touch brings the teaser to life in a way that’s difficult to express. Long silences, repressed sighs, and lingering glances – the romance is intense, yet lined with innocent subtlety.

Both Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha look comfortable in their skin giving restrained performances, from what we can see. Ranveer’s new look seems to do his boyish charm some good, giving him the airs of a much refined, mature man.

But what really lifts the visuals and the narrative of this teaser, is Amit Trivedi’s musical genius. A background score, that mirrors the yearning of the lovers so perfectly and then crescendos right where you need it. It’ll be interesting to see what he does with the soundtrack.

With the Udaan technical team coming together again for Lootera, we have high hopes from the latter. Especially, the last shot with Ranveer limping in the snow - it doesn’t take much more to pique our curiosity. The film is scheduled to release on 5th July, 2013. 

P.S.  The film is also said to be inspired by O. Henry’s Last Leaf, so you know where the painting references come from.