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There is that dramatic Southern cinema touch to Policegiri. It is reminiscent of Rohit Shetty's brand of movies where cars fly and explode on opposite ends of the screen. Policegiri is also an addition to the supercop genre like Dabanng and Singham. With these characters around, who needs superheroes?

Directed by K S Ravikumar, the film is a remake of a Tamil film called Saamy.

Its story is no different from the multitude of cop films you would have seen. There is a morally ambiguous cop, his love interest and the villain who's determined to take him down. You think this film would have been different, because the first half features an unorthodox DCP Rudra Aditya Devraj (Sanjay Dutt), who sets foot in Nagapuram to clean up its mean streets.

The reigning Chief Minister Nagori Nityanand Subramaniam (Prakash Raj), like most unscrupulous politicians, does not play by the book and enforces his own laws. But then again, so does our hero, which makes them worthy opponents. The protagonist and antagonist understand it all too well and make a deal. They will not get in each other's way, provided Rudra lets Nagori continue with his illegal dealings and Nagori does not harm his citizens.

It is a simple enough pact, but for reasons unknown, the characters seem hell-bent on breaking it. But that is mostly an excuse to incorporate as many flying cars, bodies, weapons and blood spatters as possible. Needless to say, Seher (heroine Prachi Desai) has precious little to do, except get rescued by the leading man, though there is that one scene where she manages a timely intervention. Her entry scene where she climbed down a window seems a little odd and does not tie in with the rest of the story.

Policegiri Movie Review

Sanjay Dutt does a decent job as a highly exaggerated action hero, with his unbuttoned uniform and macho swagger. But Prakash Raj takes the cake for his stupendous performance as a villain. It is his sheer energy and Southern accent for which you can watch the film. Prachi Desai is charming in the little she has been given to do. Manoj Joshi and the rest of the cast provide able support.

The biggest high point of the film is the background score. Even the music, by Himesh Reshammiya is very interesting. Action scenes (Kanal Kannan) were supposed to be the mainstay of the film and there is no doubt that some of them have been well choreographed. They lose their charm because they come far too frequently. Some notable editing by Samjith MHD pulls off some great moves between characters.

Visual effects by Aditya Badekar and Santosh Choudhary are interesting in the fight sequences but not so much in a scenic love song, where the backdrop of mountains and lakes is clearly projected. Dialogues by Farhad pack quite a punch.

The pace of the film is fairly even, except for a lag in the second half. However, it would be unfair to completely dismiss this film if you are looking solely for entertainment. Policegiri is a film that requires you to leave logic at the doorstep and if you have, this film could surprise you. It would definitely cater to a sizeable single screen audience but would work just as well in multiplexes if the viewers are in the mood to just sit and see some bad men being punished for bad things.

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