#BegumJaan – Only Begum No Jaan


BegumJaan – Only Begum No Jaan

My Body My House My Country My Rules My Verdict Just Silver 2.5*s.

Too much of ‘My’ has killed the Soul of not just the film ‘BegumJaan’ but many individuals too. Too much of My leaves others feel dull. Begumjaan makes you feel dull. 


It was the same Vidya Balan who echoed saying Filmein sirf teen cheezo ki wajah se chalti hai “Entertainment, Entertainment Entertainment aur main…. entertainment hoon”. Unfortunately, the Begum has remained Begum but her films has lost Jaan. Just bad luck. 

BegumJaan-High Potential, Less on execution. Vidya Balan-Brilliant Actor, Bad Films. 


Srijit Mukherjee The Director who made the Bengali film “Rajkahini” remakes the same film in Hindi BegumJaan. Rajkahini comes as a very classic period film; unfortunately, Begumjaan lacks that touch and becomes just another Vidya Balan film.


Unfortunately, I happened to watch Rajkahani and hence the comparison is bound to happen. Begumjaan lacks the soul, it fails to stir you the way Rajkahini does. 


Rajkahini works as a plot. BegumJaan from title itself becomes centric towards the title essayed by Vidya Balan. The film becomes self centric to the actor and the plot suffers. None of the character develops good enough to stay with you. The brothel comprises of 11 women and all what stays with you is the Begum Vidya Balan. Brilliant in her execution, however, her loudness clouds everyone else. The other actor that shines in the film and stays with you surprisingly is Chunkey Pandey. Brilliant looks and killer execution. A better background score could have created a much better impact yet he is stellar in little role leaving great impact.  The film is technically weak too, glitches are visible.


Ila Arun plays what Rohini Hattangadi played in Rajkahini – amma. Though Ila Arun is good in her role but not as good as Rohini formed the skin of Amma in Rajkahini. 

Gauhar Khan is stellar in one gutsy scene of hers; yet the plot doesn’t really allow any character to grow. Vivek Mushran can only bring a good grin a complete misfit in Masters role. Naseeruddin Shah fits the bill of playing Raja, however, doesn’t really has good lines to leave an impact. The dialogues by Kausar Munir could have been far better for the roles to shine. Ashish Vidyarthi and Rajit Kapoor play Johnny lever and Jaspal Bhatti, their camaraderie will make you laugh than think over the matter. Rajesh Sharma is brilliant and so is Pitobash Tripathy. 


The era had strong national leaders and some of these are shown as passing roles, wherein the bar of drama could have been raised creating the right tension. Songs are not well integrated either, it doesn’t really add up much value to the plot. 


BegumJaan opening scene puts you in doubt if you are in the right auditorium unless you see the title “Begumjaan”. The film is set is late forties and they tease you with the helluva of Nirbhaya making you wonder what BegumJaan is all about. It is the same feeling they leave you with making you wonder what Begumjaan is all about. It doesn’t even qualify as a good art cinema. Begumjaan lacks entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. 


PK Verdict: Just Silver 2.5*s


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