Why is Rajnikanth so at peace with the world?





Superstar Rajnikanth has always been interested in films with computer graphics and robotics too. These kinds of films cost the earth and if it hadn’t been for his interest we would not be seeing such a lot of sci fi films. From Kollywood. Now he is busy shooting for his upcoming Tamil science-fiction action thriller "2.o". Part of his reason for liking sci fi films is because he believes he's a spiritualist more than an actor. He says he will place spiritualism above fame, moneyand name because spiritual power is unmatchable. "I would like to call myself a spiritualist more than an actor.


I believe spiritualism is above everything and I would choose it over name, fame and money because spiritualism gives you power and I love power," He said this at the book launch of Deiveega Kadhal, the Tamil version of The Divine Romance. The book was written by Paramahansa Yogananda. Rajnikanth talked about the Paramahamsa who was the first guru in his life. When he was a boy he used to be taken to spiritual discourses by his brother Satyanarayana Gaekwad. Rajni disclosed that his brother was his first guru who introduced him to spiritualism at a very young age. He then enrolled him into the Ramakrishna Mission. His second guru was Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and through him was made aware of social problems. But after meeting Dayananda Saraswathi, he then went about searching for oneself via Ramana Maharishi. Known for his regular visits to Himalayas, Rajnikanth said the place is filled with several divine secrets.




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