Nana's Malaria Woes

Nana Patekar's down with malaria, and subsequently, so is the shoot for sequel to Ab Tak Chhappan.

After a bout of weakness, Nana had to undergo a medical check up and was diagnosed with malaria. Nana's statement to his fans who are eagerly waiting to watch their favourite actor back on screen is, ""I am feeling extremely weak. I have got malaria and was admitted to hospital. I was discharged on Monday and returned home. I am hoping shooting will start in a few days".

While the actor seems concerned about his health, the same cannot be said regarding producer Ram Gopal Varma, who insists that this is only a mild fever, and that the shoot had to halt only for a couple of days. For all we know, it may be the strain of Ab Tak Chhappan that's got RGV trying to downplay the illness.

This is one of the several issues that the movie had faced so face. Looks like Nana needs to be introduced to as effective a mosquito repellent as HIT!