Not just another Mallya
Not just another Mallya

 Attractive, fiercely independent, spoilt, rich, are only some of the adjectives that you can use to describe Siddharth Mallya.

This 25-year old has been in the news for all reasons the average Bollywood celebrity would envy. Owner of an IPL team, dating, PDA and breaking up with Deepika Padukone, participating in Marathons internationally, and of recent, even getting into trouble with the media for his remarks on- oh well, we're all done reading about it already.

So what next, you wonder? Behold. The young man's out to take his first step into Hollywood. That's right- not where you'd expect him to land first, considering he's made plenty of friends in Bollywood who'd support his endeavours there, but clearly, Sid Mallya isn't interested. “I may socialise with entertainers, but I am not interested in the way the industry functions here,” he says. A recent portfolio shoot got the attention of producers in Hollywood, and Sid's rumoured to have been approached by them for Hollywood projects. Ask him for details and he's as willing to reveal about this, as he is to talk about his ex-girlfriend, Deepika- who he doesn't want to talk about.

While toying with the idea of being on TV, ever since his IPL show has struck a chord with the audience, Sid isn't quite enthusiastic about being on Indian television yet. The feedback has been fabulous,” he says enthusiastically about Beyond Boundaries. “There have been many offers from TV channels who want to adopt the format. I am told I am a natural before the camera.” About his reluctance to do the run-of-the-mill chat-shows, he adds “No sitting on a couch and gossiping about personal lives. That is not me.”

So what is Siddharth Vijay Mallya like? If you associate the Mallya name, you may think it adds to the sheen of being a Siddharth. He however, thinks otherwise.

“I have been fortunate to be born into this family. It is a great platform and I am not denying that it opens up a lot of doors. I am not ashamed of it. But I am not content to be just another Mallya,” he says.
The boy, who has spent his formative years in the UK isn't yet settled into his Indian skin. His ideas of protocol and political correctness aren't the same as the average Indian, and that has led to many controversies.  “I am instinctive and impulsive,” he admits, talking about the Ayesha Takia and IPL fiasco.

While daddy Vijay Mallya has had to come into the picture to apologise, Sid's got quite a different, practical perception of why he does. "If he
has apologised, it was never for me, he knows how I am. He only follows company protocol,” says Sid.
Life's good for Sid, by the looks of it- or at least, that's how he makes us feel. Any philosophies, we wonder? “Listen to your heart a bit, listen to your head a bit, but always listen to your ba**s.”

Considering he's lived most of his life under the 'Live Life King-sized' banner, we'll take this unabashed youngsters word for that!