Sunny's Mis-tweet!

Clearly, Sunny Leone's a little too off the Bollywood credit radar.

On micro-blogging site twitter, the lady tweeted, “Thank you Sir for everything & directing me in all my dialogue scenes. You made it easy 4 me to follow your vision!!”, to Mahesh Bhatt. The problem with that was evident- it's Pooja Bhatt who directed her in Jism 2.

The tweet caused much upset in the circles around the film, including for Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt. While Pooja's comment is unavailable, Mahesh Bhatt stated, “Jism 2 is a Pooja Bhatt film in its absolute sense. It was born and fashioned by her passion. We all worked under her gaze.” For even further defense, he told a popular newspaper- “Sunny is American and she does not know the manner in which film are made in India, and that is probably what led to the confusion. I helped Sunny in her dialogues and nuances. But please be clear that it all happens under the gaze of the director. The director of the film has the final say. From its conceptualization, right down to the final scene shot, Jism 2 remains Pooja Bhatt's film and no one else's.”

Further elaborating on the apparent political incorrectness, an industry insider was quoted saying, “How can you say this Sunny? I was on the set. Pooja directed you not Bhatt saab. I am shocked by you.”

Whether this is shift if gratitude, a wrong twitter handle tagged, or something deeper, only Sunny can tell!