Kim on Bigg Boss?
Kim on Bigg Boss?

Kim Kardashian on TV was hype enough. Kim Kardashian on Indian TV? Yes- a possibility.

The Bigg Boss series has never failed to entertain us with the kind of activities that take place in the Bigg Boss house, and of course with the kind of contestants that they sign on.

But the element of glamour, drama and of course the 'reality' show quotient will shoot through the roof should the rumour be true. If Kim Kardashian's on board the series, Indian audiences will not be able to take their eyes off the channel!

The 32-year old is a reality star, heiress, actress, design-label owner, and also a queen of controversies- be it the sex tape that she featured in being made public, or her much-publicised marriage last year coming to an unfortunate end in 72 days. Kim's been at the end of the media microscope, by choice or otherwise, and this stint on Indian TV will be different, but only for Indian audiences.

Bigg Boss has, in the past, signed up quite a few renowned celebrities, including Mike Tyson, Sunny Leone and Pamela Anderson. Kim will be quite a catch.

"This year's Bigg Boss will be much bigger and better and the competition is heating up as the casting for the show has already started,” says a source from the show's unit, “The secretaries of these Bhojpuri actors are working overtime and burning the midnight oil trying to get them a slot inside the Bigg Boss 6 house. Others have approached politicians who they think can have a say in the candidate selection process."

Kim has remarked on a public platform that she finds Indian food disgusting. That's an equation we look forward to watching on TV should this news be affirmed.