Staying fit with Deepika!
Staying fit with Deepika!

Think Deepika Padukone and the first thing that comes to mind is the perfectly toned body of this model-turned-actor.

You'd imagine the beauty's routine to maintain it to be rigid and cruel, and also depriving her of the happy meals that less fit people have. However on the contrary, Dippy has quite the sweet tooth! “I prefer balanced meals and ensure that I eat everything in moderation. I do have a weakness for desserts though,” she confesses.

So what really makes for the awesome bod? “I try and work out as often as possible. Since I travel on a regular basis, it becomes difficult to have a daily workout routine but whenever I'm in town and hit the gym, I do a combination of functional training and pilates.”

But given the nomadic lives lived by actors, is it a hindrance trying to maintain the regularity of the exercise? “My routine completely depends on my shooting schedules. If I'm in Mumbai then I try to follow the routine of going to the gym and include my usual functional training and pilates workouts", she explains, “When I am travelling, I do a mix of yoga, swimming, gym and try to squeeze in some pilates if I find a local instructor.”

So it isn't about being skinny- but about being healthy and fit! “I think working towards maintaining a healthy body should be a priority for everyone,” she says, adding, “It’s not necessary that one must go to a gym or do yoga every single day. As humans we tend to get bored and so one could try out new kind of activities — working out in the gym, yoga, swimming, freestyle exercises in the park or even some outdoor sport. We should make fitness a daily habit like having breakfast. If we stick to a regime, it can help us stay fit forever!”

We hear you!

Ladies, get to the grind- we all want to live a fit life, don't we?