Bollywood celebs as babies!
Bollywood celebs as babies!

If the stunning looks of our Bollywood stars are anything to go by for the past so many years that they have dazzled the screen, then you know for sure that their childhood must have been just as rosy-faced.

With parents, at parties, in portfolios or just candidly posing, the celebs of B-Town have had some of the cutest moments in front of the camera as toddlers, school-kids or teenagers. Most might not have even guessed that they'll be on billboards across the country, looking as fabulous as they do now.

Shah Rukh Khan is definitely one of the most distinct faces of Bollywood, and even as a baby, his face has so much of his current self!

You've seen Imran Khan as the childhood version of Aamir Khan in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, and his uncle Aamir as a child artist too in Yaadon ki Baarat. The two look just as adorable today as they did back then.

The glint in young Salman Khan's eye still shows up in films these days. This handsome actor was a stunner right from the beginning.

Sonam Kapoor looks just as refreshing as she did as a teen. The slender actress is seen here with her father, actor Anil Kapoor and sister, filmmaker Rhea Kapoor. Even Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif look just as cute in their kiddy avatars- but the 20-somethings have grown hotter by the movie on-screen.

Hrithik Roshan sure turned out to be a surprise, as the once scrawny kid turned out to be the initiator of the hot physique tribe in Bollywood.

From Amitabh Bachchan, to his son Abhishek, to actors like Akshay Kumar, the Deol brothers, or the leading ladies like Rani, Kareena and Katrina Kaif, even their childhood avatars will make you wish you were as cute as them as a kid!

Bollywood sure gives us studs and babes- and by the look of it, cute memories of the past as well!