Link-up denied!
Link-up denied!

The ladies of Bollywood have made sure that their relationship status is something their fans are kept guessing at.

Be it the recent link-ups or the talked about affairs, the ambiguous or no-response treatment has us hungry for more news. For example, while the world's all excited for October 16, when Kareena Kapoor will tie the knot with beau Saif Ali Khan, Kareena's keeping mum about the whole affair. Ask her to divulge the details and what you get, is a “Where's the need to keep harping on our wedding details?”, adding that she'd prefer the media to limit their inquisitivity to their professional details.

Next up is the not-so-secret couple, Vidya Balan and UTV head honcho Siddharth Roy Kapoor. They've been spotted together and seem to be in a really strong relationship, but they won't tell! While Vidya refuses to comment, even public congratulations to Siddharth for Vidya's performance by Karan Johar gave the on-lookers only a blushing Sid and a thank you. He didn't deny or evade the link-up, but the man didn't deny it either.

Talking of actresses on top, recently voted the sexiest woman, Katrina Kaif is allegedly dating Ranbir Kapoor. While the actor's friend circle admits that he is very 'serious' about this relationship, neither him nor Katrina seem to publicly express their bond.

Even Anushka Sharma, who was linked with Ranbir and Shahid Kapur, is apparently going strong and steady with Ranveer Singh. The two dated even before the latter's entry into the industry, and ever since, there have been rumours of break-up added to him being linked with Sonakshi Sinha. However, the latest news is that they're at Spain for a little vacation on their own.

Add to the list, Sonam Kapoor. She's been dating her director for I hate Luv Stories, Punit Malhotra for a while, but like her contemporaries, she too has kept mum about what's brewing.

All we can do, is hope that these fairies have a fairy-tale ending to their hush-hush romances!