Mallika's 'friendship' with Antonio Banderas causing marital trouble?

Sultry actress Mallika Sherawat had her stint in Hollywood in a blink-and-you-miss-it role in Jackie Chan's 'The Myth'. However, that definitely doesn't seem to be the end of her western cruise, as the actress seems to have grown to be, in Bollywood terms- 'good friends' with western hunk Antonio Banderas.

Pictures of them dancing together were captured at a yacht party at the Cannes Film Festival recently, and these disturbed Banderas' wife, Melanie Griffith. The 15-year old marriage seems to be on the rocks ever since the attraction between the two became evident through the photos.

Sherawat’s stylist friend Ivan Bitton says, “Antonio was very attracted to Mallika and you could see that from a video. He grabbed her from behind, and he was really into the dance. I could hear him telling her how beautiful she was. As they were dancing together, a haggard looking woman in her 40s, violently pushed Mallika out of the way. I just grabbed her hand and we went downstairs, we didn’t want to deal with any drama.”

Sources close to the 51-year old actor and the 35-year old actress reveal that they're close friends indeed.

In fact that Banderas has invited Sherawat for a short vacation in Paris- for which she leaves on August 7, and has expressed hope that they will work together in a movie sometime soon. "Right now she's going to Paris only because Antonio invited her. And nobody knows how long she plans to stay over," informs a friend.

This friendship is sure inviting quite a few raised eyebrows!