Bollywood's Iconic hits!

Think Bollywood, and one of the first things to come to mind is the music that thrives in its realm. Matching every emotion, discovering new ones, a song for every one, and every thing- is something that Bollywood can take great pride in. With visuals to match, voices to bring it to life, and imagination that makes the average Indian's day brighter, this industry spurns thousands of tracks every year.

But in these thousands, you find iconic ones that define an era, that break through the clutter and stick to the soul of the listener. Here's browsing through some of the best loved songs of B-Town!

Asha Bhonsle and Zeenat Aman set the ears and eyes of the audience on fire respectively with the cult, hippie and unforgettable Dum Maro Dum. A song that insisted on not giving a damn to a selfish world, encapsulated in its words the angst and the rebellion of the 70s. Bring in the hookah and roll the joints- because getting high without Hare Rama Hare Krishna's track is blasphemy!

Almost a decade later, the love-bug bit Rishi Kapoor on screen and he described his condition to the world with an Om Shanti Om, through Kishore Kumar's energising voice. The massive, rotating vinyl, the bling of the era and a lover's heart-felt appeal to his audience made people go wild. To know its lingering effects- just ask any crowd you meet- “Kya Tumne Kabhi Kisi Se Pyaar Kiya?”, and behold- you have a concert to yourself!

An item number that beats every other you have seen of recent with the charming Madhuri Dixit, got feet tapping, and girls getting their cute moves on, is 'Ek Do Teen'. No she isn't trying to be sexy, but she can't help but be exactly that as with Alka Yagnik's soulful voice she complains to anyone who's willing to listen that her beloved has been away far too long!

First love, then longing and then of course- lust, and when we talk of the greats- you simply cannot put away the name Amitabh Bachchan. A massive go-down with the sexy Kimi Katkar and port-workers, gave you the high-testosterone 'Jumma Chumma De De'. Sudesh Bhonsle and Kavita Krishnamurthy's voices created sparks that inspire fire even today, whether or not the Jumma ends with a chumma.

Say 'Aye' to anyone on the street, and trust your gut that they're thinking, 'Kya Bolti Tu?'! Aamir Khan, in his own distinct voice serenaded Rani and made wild plans to take her for the ride of her life- to Khandala. The duet has been sung time and again, and remains ever green- just like the monsoons in Khandala and the magic of Bollywood.

Alisha Chinoy lent her voice to the seductive Aishwarya Rai in Kajra Re, and the image of the average kotha changed in Bollywood. Naughty, tempting but not one cent vulgar, Kajra Re became the highest selling track in Bollywood that year, and the Bachchan boys' moves are immortal. Kudos to creative choreography and Gulzar's enticing lyrics for this one!

Closest to now, Ranbir Kapoor, like his father, played the lovelorn young musician- only that this one is angry, hungry and demanding his rights. 'Sadda Haq' was not only catchy- but resonated with a large part of the youth that saw its questions, demands and complexities wrapped in a song that Mohit Chauhan so expressively sang.

So play these songs out loud every time you get to hear them on the radio- because they're not only a tribute to Bollywood, they're a toast to the emotions and evolution of the most important part of this industry- it's audience, that is- You!