Ranbir and Priyanka to sing live!
Ranbir and Priyanka to sing live!

Priyanka Chopra's acting skills have already stunned us all. We know she's a passionate singer, all set to release her debut album internationally and this time- with her upcoming film Barfi, she's taken her passion to a new level.

Director Anurag Basu suggested thats she croon live for an audience as part of the promotions for the film, and she's agreed! Not only that- time for the bigger surprise now- it seems that Anurag placed the idea to Ranbir Kapoor as well, and the actor has decided to sing along too!

"Anurag had a chat with PeeCee and asked her if she was comfortable singing in front of a live audience, the songs of his film,” says an insider, “The actress gave it a thought and a few days later, told him she is ready to do it. A similar request was sent to Ranbir and being the sport he is, he too gave his nod to the idea."

The last you heard Priyanka sing live was in the movie Bluffmaster, in a track that had Abhishek Bachchan singing as well. This time though, Piggy Chops and Ranbir will be singing songs from their film to a live audience.

To complete the act, the director requested music composer Pritam to be present too. “Anurag told Pritam it would be great if he could keep aside a day from his busy schedule to accompany the actors and give the music for their live performance,” adds the insider, “The show is scheduled for end August and will be held in various cities. Pritam took a long look at his calendar and immediately agreed.”

So looks like the show will be one out-and-out entertainer for the audience. We wonder where Ileana D'Cruz, the second female lead in the film features in this promo!