Madhuri plays the boss.
Madhuri plays the boss.

Saumik Sen's movie Gulab Gang that marks the return of Madhuri Dixit on screen does not seem to have reached the end of its bumpy ride.

From changes in the interested producers, to more recently, changes in the script itself, Saumik must be one tired man. His friend says, “Soumik is in no position to say anything. It has taken him four years to get Gulab Gang going. At one point, Aamir Khan had read the script and loved it. But finally, it's Anubhav Sinha who's agreed to produce the film. Soumik wouldn't like to mess up his chance.”

The film is about a vigilante gang of women and a female politician. The original script had meaty roles for all characters, but by Madhuri's insistence, the role of the rest of the gang, has been converted into a mere shadow of what was. It has now turned into a one-woman army movie. The role has been rejected by many actresses because of the lack of substance in the role. An actress revealed, “Initially,the script had a lot of meat for both the gang leader and the female politician. Once Madhuri stepped in to play the gang leader, the other role became negligible. The dramatic conflict is now missing. And poor Soumik has little choice except to quietly deal with the changes to the best of his abilities.”

Madhuri, on her part, has apparently been calling the shots right since the time she got on set. A source reveals, “Madhuriji is virtually the gang leader, not just on screen but also behind the scenes. From the minute she was signed, she took over. She didn't want to play a mother to an adult son. So the role has been altered to her liking. Her son is now her kid-brother.” As an actress well into her 40s, Madhuri still does not like the idea of having to slip into the role of a mother.

But we guess power-play behind the scenes is something Bollywood is used to!