Pooja can't wear her dancing shoes.
Pooja can

Pooja Kumar is probably one of the India's best gifts to Hollywood.

The young actress who shuttles between the USA and India has been part of many projects in Hollywood and in South Indian films. Her last feature in the west was when she shared screen-space with Ed Harris (Stepmom, A Beautiful Mind, etc) in Man on a Ledge. She'll be seen next in Vishwaroop with Kamal Hassan.

The actor, who is a legend by himself will be performing various dance forms in the movie. While the script offers him the opportunity to do that, it doesn't have much scope for the same when it comes to Pooja, who is a trained dancer, and is disappointed. “Well I would have liked to dance. I'm a trained Kathak, Bharat Natyam and Kuchipudi dancer. I inherited a penchant for dancing from my mother who was from Lucknow,” informs the pretty lady, “She passed away. But she left this yearning in me to continue my training in dance. There would've been no greater pleasure for me than to show my dancing skills in Vishwaroop. But it's Kamal Sir who got to dance in Vishwaroop.”

On her experience of getting to act with Kamal Hassan, Pooja says, “Kamal Sir is an institution. There's so much I've learnt by simply observing him. To get to work with him was a dream come true.” When asked about the getting the chance to work with actors of such high calibre, Pooja elaborates, “That's what I enjoy the most about my global career. I get to share screen space with someone of Ed Harris' caliber and then I am working with someone as extraordinary as Kamal Haasan. And mind you, it's not a small irrelevant role in Vishwaroop. I am part of the main drama.”

The actress seems very excited about her role in the movie. But don't her frequent travels from one continent to the other tire her? “I'm living out of suitcases these days,' she informs, “I've no life beyond my work. And I like it that way. How many people get to live out their dreams? I love the movies and today I am part of it.”

Well we do hope that no matter where she's landing, she's doing a great job!