Shirish not heading for the 100 Cr club with 'Joker'.
Shirish not heading for the 100 Cr club with

Director of Joker Shirish Kunder seems to be going by the advice of the Bhagwad Geeta- by putting in effort and not expecting anything of it.

While his films in the past haven't bore fruit, his efforts in Joker have raised the expectations for all those around him, especially since he has roped in Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha, both of whose previous projects have cut the 100 Cr line. Shirish hasn't made a beeline for getting his film to that benchmark. “If I was really conscious of the 100 crore club, I would have put a bikini scene in the film or added some kissing,' explains Shirish, “Some even said to me that yahan kuch action daal do, wahan thoda masala aur kar do. However I am not doing that.” The determination and the unadulterated story-line seems to be the USP of this August 31 release.

To maintain the element of the film, which has the tag-line 'Being Alien', the director has consciously stayed away from achieving other goals. “See, the film is for the masses and commercially speaking, we are in the safe zone. I never made the film with this risk factor in mind that what would happen is 100 crore milestone is not met. Tomorrow when I make a movie with that factor in mind, perhaps I would work on the overall packaging. However, 'Joker' doesn't require that,” explains the confident movie-maker.

“Shirish has consciously stayed away from adding unwanted 'masala' into 'Joker',” adds a close associate of the director, “He feels that doing that would have compromised the vision he had for the sci-fi alien comedy. Even though some around him suggested to bring on some quintessential elements, he had innovation in mind.”

Looks like whether or not past records in the box-office have a say in the filmmaker's future projects, he's very confident about Joker!