Bollywood's best butts!

Along with a healthy body, stars of Bollywood have realised that nothing grabs the eye like a neat, shapely posterior.

At the top of the charts among the actors with the best butt is John Abraham. The hunk flaunted his 'ass'et with style in Dostana. Joining him on the number one position among the ladies is Malaika Arora-Khan. The item girl-actress may be mommy to two children but she's got one brilliantly curvaceous rear!

Number two among the guys is macho man, and the pioneer of the 6-pack trend- Hrithik Roshan. The splendid performer is eye candy with his butt scoring really high with the ladies' tastes. On the same rank in the actresses is none other than superstar Kareena Kapoor. She may have lost on the unnecessary curves and gained a few angles post her size zero phase, but her perfect backside is drool-worthy!

Rank three among the gents and the ladies has been shared by Mere Brother Ki Dulhan co-stars Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif respectively. While Imran's slightly curved rear accentuates the actor's lean built, Katrina's sexy legs compliment an equally sexy butt, that men can't take their eyes off.

Up next on the list are Ranbir Kapoor and Mallika Sherawat. Film-goers got their first glimpse of the lanky, talented actor's rear in his first film itself- and the girls haven't been able to stop staring at every opportunity they got. All of Mallika's curves may have made it to the papers at some point of time or other, but you can never talk too much about her voluptuous butt.

They may not be willing to share screen-space, but Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra do share rank five on our scale. Ladies will vouch for Sallu's rather sexy backside that was shown off plenty in Dabangg. Priyanka- well, all credit to almost ALL her movies for letting the world know that she's kept her cute tush pretty neat.

Bollywood's definitely been taking its butts and curves seriously, and it's been entirely to the benefit of the audiences!