Bollywood's Best Dance Numbers!

Bollywood has a lot of elements that define it. But think of the enjoyment part, and you can’t deny that the dances of Bollywood have been epic through the years!

It’s not the choreography completely as much as it is the creativity of Sandhya in the Holi song ‘Arre jaa re hatt nat-khat’. The dancer-actress was dressed to look like a woman from the front and a man from the back, and she swapped roles as the man teased the woman during the mischievous play-fare of Holi.

Danseuse Helen has spurned some of the best numbers that can be grooved upon. Be it Inkaar’s ‘Mungda’, the sweet voice of Usha Mangeshkar in the raunchy desi bar, or Asha Bhonsle crooning ‘Piya Tu ab toh aaja’, which saw Helen race across the stage waiting for her beloved- the dances of the 60s were made seductive, yet a family affair by Helen. Think of an epic dance of the 60s and Jewel Thief’s Hoton pe Aisi Baat makes a bee-line to our minds. Vyjayanthimala’s classical training showed when she danced to the beautiful song.

The epic Saara Zamaana from Yaraana created history in Bollywood. Granted the song has little choreography- but you can’t deny that Amitabh Bachchan’s electric and electrifying costume has stuck in public memory longer than any other dance costume. And just as colourful and interesting was the choreography of Rishi Kapoor’s Om Shanti Om from the movie Karz. The movie was brilliant- but this track with the rotating, massive LP was one helluva tough one for anyone to replicate.

Bollywood's Best Dance Numbers!

Meenakshi Sheshadri brought to life the legendary rage of Lord Shiva with her rendition of the ‘Taandava’ in Damini. The film was extremely powerful, and the dance short- but it’s definitely in our list of memorable Bollywood numbers. When it comes to dance, you have to give it up for Madhuri Dixit in Ek Do Teen. The choreography unforgettable, the expressions unbeatable- this number from Tezaab was every girl born in the 80s’ first introduction to love and longing!

The 90s were brilliant when it came to dances. The three most outstanding numbers from that decade included Que Sera Sera- bringing together on screen Madhuri Dixit and Prabhu Deva in Pukaar as they made for one of the fastest choreographed tracks Bollywood has seen. Think of the roof of a train, lush green forests and the extremely sexy Malaika Arora-Khan, and you have one of the most innovatively choreographed tracks- with Shah Rukh Khan in it- ‘Chhaiya chhaiya’ from Dil Se. ‘Kahin Aag Lage’ from Taal was a gem every girl that year danced to at every function- trying to be as charming as Aishwarya Rai!

Bollywood's Best Dance Numbers!

Come the new millennium in Bollywood and the film industry welcome Hrithik Roshan. The year 2000 saw Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’s debutant star steal hearts with his super-elastic body and mind-blowing dance- seen best in the song ‘Dil ne dil ko pukaara’. Following closely was Shahid Kapoor whose medley in ‘Ishq Vishk’ had all the girls drooling. Even the Madhuri-Aishwarya song from Devdas- ‘Dola Re’- was a feast to the dance lovers as Vaibhavi Merchant choreographed a masterpiece to be remembered by generations.

That’s just skimming through some of the best, the tip of the iceberg, So, be prepared- when it comes to shaking a leg, you know that Bollywood has in store so much more on the dancefloor!