Kareena okay with Bedroom scene in Heroine.
Kareena okay with Bedroom scene in Heroine.

Kareena Kapoor had them. She got rid of them for Heroine.

Arjun Rampal had them too, and he got rid off them in Raajneeti.

We’re talking about getting the jitters before doing intimate scenes with co-actors! The actress was apprehensive with doing them on-screen. She had made it clear that with the exception of fiance Saif Ali Khan, she would not shoot bedroom scenes with any of the co-actors. But in the Heroine trailer, we’ve all seen her perform one with Arjun. So what brought along this change of mind? Apparently while shooting it, director Madhur Bhandarkar made sure that the crew in the bedroom was limited to three people and each of them were made to sign a contract of Confidentiality. The comforta level grew, and she was okay with enacting the sex scene with Arjun.

The scene was completed and it can be watched as part of the trailer. As promised, it was shot aesthetically and without any vulgarity. Madhur adds, “All I can say is that Kareena is an extremely professional and committed actress.”

This is, however, the secong time that Arjun will be seen getting intimate with a co-actor. The first time being in Raajneeti, with Shruti Seth. While he was more comfortable with Kareena, he too initially had his apprehensions. Says the actor, “When I shot my first intimate scene for Raajneeti, I was a little hesitant. I went, 'Oh my god, yeh main kaise kar paunga, yeh main kyu kar raha huun'. But, then I realised it's a part of my job! Now when I shoot for any intimate scene, I just take it in my stride.”

Sex scenes have now become a common thing in cinema. Where at one point of time, actors and actresses bluntly refused to be part of any, many times even modifying part of the script to eliminate the scene, times have changed and they are more open to such scenes. Adds Rampal, “Intimate scenes are done when the script demands. It doesn't make sense forcing it. Earlier sex was a taboo. But now our new generation doesn't take it that way. In my film with Prakash Jha, the intimate scenes are incorporated in the right manner.”

As an audience, we agree with Rampal- so long as it’s aesthetic, we don’t mind the love-making on screen either.