Aamir takes wife and son to Chicago!
Aamir takes wife and son to Chicago!

Aamir Khan’s third time as Daddy has made him a family guy.

That’s evident, since for his 3 month schedule for Dhoom 3, he towed along his wife Kiran Rao and 8 month old son Azad. The shoot is in Chicago, and the actor has made sure that his wife and child aren’t too far away from where he is. Most actors have been accommodated in hotels in the city, but Aamir needed a more domestic atmosphere post-shoot. His attachment to family is clear here.

“Though Yashraj wanted to hire a suite in one of the best hotels in Chicago for Aamir, Kiran and Azaad, Aamir declined the offer. He preferred a rented apartment,” says a source close to the Khans, “In this way he cut down Yashraj's accommodation budget in Chicago for Aamir by nearly 60 percent. But the main reason why Aamir opted to stay in a rented place is the ghar ka mahaul. The homely environment is what turns Aamir on these days.” So it does look like Dhoom 3 will turn out to be a family affair.

“The thought of staying in a posh intimidating hotel for three months upset Aamir,” adds a friend of the actor, “He loves ghar ka khana. In the apartment where they're staying Kiran is constantly cooking up interesting dishes.”

But he’s not the only one who will be packing more than his own luggage to and fro Chicago. Sources claim that even Abhishek Bachchan has drawn inspiration for the family move. “Abhishek's wife Aishwarya and daughter Aaradhya are joining him soon in Chicago,” says the source, “Then Big B and Jayaji will follow soon after. They want to get some time together away from home and prying eyes.”

Yash Chopra- you’re dealing with some fine family-men here!