Highest paid actresses of Bollywood
Highest paid actresses of Bollywood

How times have changed! To think about crusades that were led at one point to aide women equality. Well, the entertainment world is undoubtedly a different kettle of fish. Here THESE women call the shots and earn the big bucks! So, let’s give you guys a low down on the numbers.

First up is the Heroine herself- Kareena Kapoor. Widely regarded as Bollywood’s current  leading lady, this beauty charges Rs 3-4 crore per movie while raking in close to Rs 1.5 crore in daily endorsements. Her past 5 movies have collected a whooping total of Rs 440 crore at the BO! She’s beautiful, she is suave, she can speak Hindi, she can act and she’ll soon be marrying a Nawab. This girl has it all!

Next up is Anglo-Indian beauty Katrina Kaif. She’s come on leaps and bounds since Salman Khan helped establish her in the industry. Kat now demands an acting fee of Rs.3-4 crore per film and earns close to Rs 1.25 crore daily in endorsements. Not bad, considering she still isn’t the most fluent speaker of our national language.

Then, we have the girl who has proved that ‘Size Zero’ ain’t a pre-requisite for success. In fact, this Tam-Bram beauty is far from a size zero. But films like The Dirty Picture & Kahaani have helped Vidya Balan rocket into the A–listers. She now earns Rs.2.5-3 crore per movie and close to Rs 50 lakhs in endorsements on a daily basis.

While these 3 ladies currently rule the roost in B-Town, closely following them are Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma. PC charges between Rs 2-3 crore per movie and earns around Rs 75 lac in daily endorsements while the Band Baaja Baarat beauty charges around Rs.1.5 crore per film. Rising stars likes Asin and Sonakshi Sinha also feature on this power list. These beauties charge close Rs 1 crore per movie… and that value is sure to increase with a few hits in the near future.

To say these women are attractive would be an understatement, but the truth is that beauty doesn’t guarantee money & success. That route is personality and fortune-driven and these women have proved that they have the stamina to survive.