Raaz 3- Movie Review
Raaz 3- Movie Review

"Raaz 3" is a Bollywood horror thriller movie starring Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta and Bipasha Basu in lead roles. It is produced by Vishesh Films and directed by Vikram Bhatt. Raaz 3 is all about selling your soul to the devil and making him God in order to achieve fame.

Dealing with the supernatural, the story revolves around Shanaya, that is Bips,who was once a superstar but now has lost her position to the new girl on the block - Sanjana, played by Esha Gupta. Shanaya feels that she is being side-lined and that everybody wants to work with Sanjana instead. There is also another twist to their relationship- for the two are actually half-sisters. Shanaya feels cheated, as she thinks that not only had Sanjana snatched her father from her as a child, but also has now tried to usurp her place as the reigning silver screen queen.

So, she emotionally blackmails her director boyfriend Aditya to help her do black magic on Sanjana. But soon enough, Aditya falls in love with Sanjana and leaves Shanaya in the lurch for the younger actress.

Raaz 3 serves you the occult, a myriad of human emotions like love, hatred, jealousy and ego and more thrills than chills.The movie is deep and dark and the interval provides a much-needed breather. By the time you will leave the theatre, you will come out exhausted.

The end leaves a few questions unanswered and there are a few loose ends. And sorry, no steamy hot sex scenes for all you voyeurs who're hoping to catch some action. Yes, there are a couple of smooches and a couple of bedroom scenes, but they are rather insipid.

But one should be thankful that the Bhatts have not made this an out-and-out sex show and stuck to their guns of making a supernatural thriller. Raaz 3 relies on props like the clown, a tv that goes on and off and of course a graveyard scene that seem to be a pre-requiste for every horror movie.Though the movie is not for the faint-hearted, it is mostly the 3D effects that make it scary. It definitely has its spine-chilling moments. Two sequences that stand out are the one about Bips' servant and the other is Esha's cockroach scene. The 3D effects in both are very good. The first half is pretty alright but the second gets a tad boring, which is not good news for a supernatural thriller. But then again, the climax does keep you riveted.

Bip comes off being evil brilliantly. She has personified evil spell-bindingly, especially in the scene where she says "Tum nahin jaante maine kisse khuda banaya hai"... it gives you the shivers. Emraan has proved he is a talented actor, so why do such roles where he just comes across as a puppet? Esha has been brave to take on this role so early in her career. She has a long way to go but we give her credit for trying.

Music in Bhatt movies is now beginning to sound the same and is losing its charm. In Raaz 3, the songs seem forced and out of place.

Dialogues are ordinary, to say the least. Cinematographer Pravin Bhatt has done an ace job. Raaz 3 is a good horror flick by Indian standards, where there is a dearth of such movies and for that and Bipasha's performance; we give it 2 and a half stars.