Murphy vs Barfi!
Murphy vs Barfi!

It’s probably those of the previous generations who remember Murphy radio print ads, and their extensive reference used in the songs of Barfi! This Ranbir Kapoor-starrer, however, is now facing the heat of having used the terms Murphy Radio, from the British manufacturer.

The notice was served on September 10, threatening to impose a stay order on the much-anticipated release should the company (UTV Movies) not cough up a fine of Rs 50 Crore, for not having an NOC (No Objection Certificate) in place.

Advocate Sujith Kurup in behalf of Murphy Enterprises elaborates, “The film has used the name of the brand extensively. Apart from the song, the storyline too has Murphy incorporated in it. We hear the hero's ambition in the film is to become Murphy munna. Not only have they used the client's name without our NOC but they have also done a negative portrayal of the brand. This is clearly a case of trademark infringement.” 

UTV on the other hand has clarified its stance as well. A spokesperson states, “We are clear that there has been no infringement whatsoever and we are in the process of sending a response to the said notice.”

It’s quite a war that way, and we only hope that in this tug-o-war of legalities, the audiences aren’t deprived of their share of cinema!