Barfi! Movie Review
Barfi! Movie Review

The charismatic Ranbir Kapoor is back and this time, he’s paired up with B-Town debutant Ileana D’Cruz & his Anjaana Anjaani co-star Priyanka Chopra in Barfi! Set in the 1970s, the plot of Barfi is intriguing to say the least.

Even though on the outset it appears to be a triangular love story, it is actually the story about the journey of life of 3 characters and the love between them.

In a nutshell, Barfi is about how love cannot be dictated by society's norms of normal and abnormal. Ranbir Kapoor plays a hearing and speech impaired boy, Murphy or Barfi as everyone else calls him.  He has a positive attitude; spreading sunshine to all around him, Barfi doesn’t let his disabilities hinder him and is quite the charming rascal. One fine day he falls in love with Shruti- played by Ileana. Shruti loves Barfi but not so much that she would rebel against her family for him. Finally she succumbs to the pressure of marrying a 'normal' man and leading a 'normal' life.

Life of course has its own sense of humour, and their paths cross again. This time, Shruti realises that she is indeed in love with Barfi, but Barfi by now has fallen in love with Jhilmil who is autistic. Watch the movie to know more, as revealing further will take away the charm of this film.

The movie has been beautifully executed, especially considering the constraints of the main protagonists where they have no dialogues and have to rest solely on expressions whether they are facial or physical! Barfi is definitely not a ‘leave your brains at home’ kind of film. If you are a thinking, sensitive, mature individual who admires good cinema, then this is it. There is a peculiar purity in Barfi's essence. It is not a sad or dark film. On the other hand, it has a happy element. It is good to see a new genre of Indian cinema come into being and Anurag Basu has dealt with it with a certain purity and sensitivity. The simplistic and quaint approach is the plus point of this out of the box entertainer. Attention to detail as far as characterization is concerned is impeccable.

Ranbir has proved himself to be the talisman of the younger B-Town generation and with Barfi is all set to be crowned reigning King of Gen next. He is beyond brilliant. Priyanka, as the a specially-abled Jhilmil, in a role that tests her acting skills and experience, without a doubt proves her mettle getting the nuances of her character down pat. Ileana on her part stands her ground pretty well.

The cinematography is superlative and the DOP should be given credit. The music is outstanding and endearing. Backed by the vision of Anurag Basu, Barfi will, to be honest, appeal to a selected sect of Bollywood audiences.

The movie is about love. So, go feel the love in this beautiful, earnest but happy movie. Remember- don’t worry, be Barfi .

We give it 4 hoorahs!


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