Bipasha doesn't need a Khan!
Bipasha doesn

Bipasha Basu is a one-woman-army when it comes to pulling off films on her own might.

The 33-year old actress has had a mixture of hits and flops through her 11 years in Bollywood, without having to stick to any one genre. She has also remained much independent of camps. “I never belonged to any camp nor worked with any Khan in the 12 years of my acting career,” says Bips, “So it is a big achievement that a film that was completely resting on my shoulders has managed to rake in `40 crore in its first week.”

Raaz 3 has proven that it’s okay for a film to not have the biggest names in the industry- with Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta in the film, Bips’ character still has managed to stand out.

Kudos to the hot lady!