Student Of The Year Trailer Review
Student Of The Year Trailer Review

On the back of Bollywood’s best film of the year yet, (ahem… Barfi!), we deliver a review on what we believe is easily one of the worst Bollywood trailers to come out in the recent past- Student of the Year.

If Shah Rukh Khan & Karan Johar planned to launch B Town’s Gen Next with a bang, then they really should have re-thought their strategy. The first look for SOTY was ordinary to say the least. But a trailer that goes on for longer than 4 minutes has left us all wondering, what the duo was thinking when they decided to invest in this one. 

The lead roles in this one are all played by debutants with Siddharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan & Alia Bhatt all hoping that this movie turns out be their big break. For their sakes, let’s hope they have a plan B. Because plan A doesn’t look like it’s setting anyone’s world on fire!

Alia Bhatt has a cute face but from what we’ve seen so far, she isn’t going to be Bollywood’s answer to Meryl Streep! If Mahesh Bhatt wasn’t her father, we doubt she’d be in Bollywood at all! Both the boys sport the customary 6-pack abs and undoubtedly have the looks to get the females going gaga. But in a land where in even 40+ men look fitter than they did at 20-something, 6 packs & decent looks aren’t going to be the difference maker!

KJO is great with dramatic love stories and this one looks set to be another typical romcom. Unlike most trailers, this one seemed to concentrate more on dance shots than dialogues. When the blokes actually spoke something, you liked them better when they were dancing. Did we mention that the setting looks absolutely unrealistic? If we didn’t, the setting is absolutely unrealistic. Anyone who’s studied in India would term such a university non-existent. But it is the movies, so we’ll cut them some slack.

Barfi set alight Bollywood and was marked down as the evolution of Indian cinema. This one sets us back a few steps. We rather hope there is more to this film than the trailer revealed. The music is very KJO, so we won’t slander that for the time being. This one hits theatres next month and unless KJO showed us the wrong trailer, this one doesn’t look like it’ll whet anyone’s appetite. Unless you live & breathe Bollywood, you can afford to miss this one!

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