Heroine- Movie Review
Heroine- Movie Review

It's time to review the controversy-ridden but eagerly awaited Heroine. Will the movie write Kareena Kapoor’s arrival as an actress in stone?  Or is it just another overhyped flick? Has Madhur Bhandarkar finally run out of steam or is it his magnum opus? Well, time for you, the audience, to find out...

Heroine is the story of Mahi, an actress, who is at the top of her game, but is riddled with loneliness and insecurity which are fed upon by her bipolar personality.

Her first downfall comes with her desire to hold on to Aryan, and thus follows her destruction professionally and personally. ‘Heroine’ courses through an actress’ life- from narcissist co-actors, to debut awards, to small roles, to red carpets, to disappointments, love, egos, over-confidence, yes- through almost everything that a woman who has reached the pinnacle and the pit in the cesspool of Bollywood (‘cesspool’ because that is what Bhandarkar has portrayed the film industry to be) can experience and the price she pays to reach that place.

Basically Heroine runs the gamut of an actress’ life in B-town.

It delves deep into a world where everything that glitters is not gold, showcasing the lives of the rich and famous and how they deal with the harsh realities of the glitzy world of arc-lights and what happens within the confines of their mansions when they are left alone to face their inner demons.  Yes, certain scenes are exaggerated but the director’s behind-the-scene narration of the movie world is quite insightful.

In the first half at certain points you do feel Mahi's pain and at other times not fathom her thinking but nonetheless you stick on till the end wanting to know how it will all culminate for her.

 When you go to watch a Madhur Bhandarkar film, it is expected that you get to watch compelling, hard-hitting cinema but unfortunately Heroine ends up being like a caricature more, what with stereotypes abounding, for instance:

  • Every actor/actress has to have a homosexual buddy
  • 2 actresses cannot be friends unless one does hardcore commercial movies and the other is art-house
  • Everybody worth their salt in bollywood swills whiskey and puffs on a cigarette at a drop of the hat
  • Bitchy star-wife and many more.

 The movie has been hyped and marketed to such a degree that it does not live up to those standards. The end result is a series of life events from the lives of different actresses sewn together to form a story which at times tends to meander on.

One of Heroines plus points are some of the catchy but at times corny dialogues by Niranjan Iyengar, that seem to have more than a grain of truth to them but other times they just end up  evincing a laugh from you when they are not supposed to.

Music wise ‘Halkat Jawaani’ seems to break through the clutter of similar sounding item numbers, though the title track ‘Main heroine hoon’ is much more infectious. The rest of the songs go well with the mood of the movie.

Heroine is the intense journey of a movie star & Kareena Kapoor, who is the saving grace of the movie, is undoubtedly the best we have and she’s shown why we think so.

She lives and breathes Mahi, owning her and projecting the complexities and many shades of the character with a powerhouse phenomenal performance. She essays the edgy, aggressive, neurotic, over-emotional but good-hearted Mahi Arora to perfection and she looks stunning. Arjun Rampal plays Aryan, the superstar, well but he looks haggard. Randeep Hooda, well, the less said about him the better. Shahana Goswami underplays an art-house actress with finesse. Divya Dutta as her PR manager excels. Ranvir Shorey does his bit well.

Expectations are high from Bhandarkar as this National-award winning director has tried to combine the best of the industry to make this film based on it and to give him credit he is good at what he does. ‘Heroine’ is vintage Madhur- so if you are a fan of his brand of reality based cinema, then this is for you

Confidence se bolo toh film industry jhoot ko bhi sach maan leti hai aur confidence se picture banao toh audience bhi sab sach maan leti hai. This movie gets 2 stars from us and these are just for Kareena Kapoor.