Fire In Babylon - Movie Review
Fire In Babylon - Movie Review

Colin Croft. Joel Garner. Andy Roberts. Michael Holding. 4 names that instilled fear in the hearts of the world’s best batsmen in the 1970s and 80s. 4 names that epitomize everything Fire in Babylon stands for.

 87 minutes long, the film directed by Steven Riley, is a hair-raising account of Clive Lloyd’s West Indies team, 3 and a half decades ago. It is the tale about a team of champions and the story behind their rise.

The best documentaries break paths and entice the viewers to think beyond the surface. Fire in Babylon does that admirably. The documentary includes testimonies from many players. From the enigmatic Sir Viv Richards to the outspoken Michael Holding. In an age of colonialism, arrogance and oppression, a team was built, driven by a cause that went way beyond the boundaries of the cricketing field. Steven Riley tells that story beautifully.

The film throws light on the issues of racism and worrisome politics which were prevalent during that time. In a Caribbean nation more known for Calypso beats, a team of champions were born which went on to dominate world cricket for 15 years. A fearsome arsenal of fast bowlers backed by talented batsmen and a brilliant leader showed the world how it was done. To put it simply, the team kicked ass on the playing field and left everyone watching in awe of them.

Cricket fans have always been driven by stats and numbers. But batting averages and bowling strike rates matter little in this movie which is an inspiring story told directly by the players.

No analysts required here. This is pure emotion in its raw form. Steven Riley must be credited for bringing the various elements together and putting it forward in a presentable form.

M Holding said that this was a story that needed to be told. Steven Riley made that a reality. United by a cause, a team of champions was built. This documentary is an accurate account of the Golden Age of West Indian cricket, which also culminated in them winning 2 cricket world cups.

Fire In Babylon has already been internationally acclaimed and we assure you the movie is worth the hype. No superstars in this one, but we at Films Of India give it 4 stars. This one is undoubtedl