Grand Masti - Film Review
Grand Masti - Film Review

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Masti’s sequel Grand Masti is out. It stars Riteish Deshmukh, Aftab Shivdasani and Vivek Oberoi doing what they did best in their previous outing. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out our review.

The aforementioned actors (cough cough) reprise their roles as frustrated cheating husbands who are seeking some no-holds-barred action at their college reunion. Indra Kumar, who directed Grand Masti, claims that the film is ‘bumpier, bouncier, bigger, broader’. Well, that it is… if you want to watch a movie that abounds in crudity and lewdity. There are breast puns, banana jokes, rocket euphemisms, risqué dialogues and contorted heroes with eyes popping out of their sockets.

Throw in some bikini-clad buxom firangs to titillate our sex starved desi viewers and voila you have a super hit on your hands. The song lyrics are replete with double entendres and the less said about the myriad actors and actresses (?) in it the better. There are adult comedies and then there is… well, an absolutely pathetic attempt to camouflage obscenity as “adult comedy”. In a sentence Grand Masti is rabid tripe that is a vulgar, crass, coarse, lascivious, obscene, salacious, bawdy, trashy ride.

Grand Masti – Film Review

Grand Masti simply uses the adult comedy term as an excuse to come up with absolute nonsense that makes you cringe at the level our actors and producers will stoop to, to resurrect their careers and banners. Of course there is also a section of our audience that will boo this and any other review of the same opinion which will say that we don’t know what entertainment is- but is this entertainment? Especially seeing the current climate of the country at the moment and all the atrocities committed against women, is this is what we want to feed our youth in the name of entertainment? Yes, by all means make adult comedies, but maintain a certain standard.

Nobody is a saint and we have all had a laugh time and again at jokes of a sexual nature but this is ridiculous. Masti’s sequel... oops sorry, the makers are keen for all to know that it is not a sequel but part of the Masti franchise (God forbid there be another Masti in the making) the 0 star Grand Masti has apparently been banned in Punjab, Haryana and the UAE and for good reasons!

Meanwhile, if you want to seriously torture yourself with barf-inducing rubbish such as this, then please go ahead.