Dia behind closed doors
Dia behind closed doors

History has seen that fashion weeks are usually synonymous with wardrobe malfunctions. But recently, Bollywood actress Dia Mirza had a new kind of' ‘oops' moment. The pretty actress was the show stopper for Khusali Kumar, daughter of late music tycoon Gulshan Kumar, for her 'fairy tale' collection. However, it nearly turned into a nightmare with Dia getting locked up in her dressing room.

An eye witness backstage informed, "The models were walking on the ramp as choreographed and everything was going fine. Dia was inside her dressing room doing her final touch up. The event managers were instructed to alert her as soon as her musical cue was played. To everyone's horror, her door somehow got locked and despite the coordinators trying their best, it refused to open."

Meanwhile, neither the models nor the audience were aware about what was happening inside as everything appeared seamless on the ramp.

The eye witness adds, "Twenty seconds before her appearance, a panic-stricken coordinator said 'I don't care how you open the door she has to be on stage right now because her cue has already started."'

What followed was considerable banging and a smashing down of the obstinate door after which a rattled Dia, was rushed to the stage.

Thankfully, it was just in time for an applause. Dia too confirmed the incident by saying, “Yes, I was stuck.”


Anyway, good that the actress came out on time. Otherwise, her entire hopes and preparations of being the show stopper at the event would have gone in vain!